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Major Reasons You Have to Visit Las Vegas at Least Once

Las Vegas means “The Meadow” in Spanish. The 28th most populated city in the U.S., Las Vegas is internationally known as a major resort city offering a wide variety of entertainment ranging from shopping and fine dining to nightlife and gambling. You can even find excellent wellness centers in the city that can help with your health and well-being.

In Nevada, the Las Vegas Valley is recognized as a leading center for commerce, trade, and culture. It is undeniable that Las Vegas attracts thousands of visitors each year from different corners of the world. If you ask frequent Las Vegas visitors why they keep coming back, they will give you dozens of reasons why they do.

Whether going there on your own, with some friends, family, or on a business trip, Las Vegas is always a wonderful place to visit. And below is a rundown of why it is highly recommended to visit Las Vegas on your next trip.

#10 An Affordable Destination

No other tourist destination in the U.S. can provide a very worthwhile experience than Las Vegas. For one, staying there is cheap. For just $100 per night, or even less, you can enjoy a five-star accommodation that would cost up to $800 a night in New York or San Francisco.

Secondly, dining in Vegas is exceptional yet affordable. Thirdly, you get to enjoy entertainment that is a fraction of what you usually pay when in Los Angeles or New York. It is hard to beat this great concoction of excellent service and affordable pricing.

#9 Shopping Experience

We are not talking about casino shops here. You would not find any bargain on these stores as they are essentially built to compensate for casino losses. Nonetheless, once you get out of the casinos, you will find several premium outlets and malls with plenty of designer brands sold at huge discounts. And if you do not mind items that are gently used, you may also check out some of Las Vegas’s famous pawn shops.

#8 Great Outdoors

Las Vegas is not only about gambling, casinos, showgirls, and nightlife. This city also offers great outdoors who are looking for an adventure destination. Surrounding the bustling metropolitan life are some of the U.S., if not the world’s, best natural attractions. Just an hour outside of the city is Lake Mead, and for just a 20-minute ride away, you can be at the Red Rock Canyon.

Going a bit further from Lake Mead, you will find yourself at California’s Death Valley and Utah’s Zion National Park. Even the Grand Canyon is just a five-hour drive from the city. In a nutshell, Las Vegas can be the perfect destination for an outdoor enthusiast.

#7 Glitter Gulch

Scared to lose all your money in gambling? Las Vegas has several casinos colloquially known as ‘Glitter Gulch’ that offers friendlier rules, looser odds, and more benefits for loyalty cardholders. Going here means you will get to enjoy a full-blown Las Vegas experience.

#6 Land of Adventure

In recent years, ‘adventure tourism’ is also booming in Las Vegas. For those visitors who wanted something a bit different from the typical hedonistic weekend, the city offers tons of other adventure-filled activities. You can go crazy and drive a NASCAR vehicle, go swimming with the dolphins, or go shooting with automatic weapons.

#5 For the Love of Food

food concept

No matter what your palate demands, Las Vegas’s best restaurants have them for you. Among them are the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand, Picasso at Bellagio, and Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace. If you want the best hamburgers ever, try Mandalay Bay’s Burger Bar. They also have a selection of other menus like buffalo, vegan burger, and lamb steak.

#4 Walk Around with a Drink; Nobody’s Judging

It is only in Las Vegas that you can walk around with a giant drink in hand with no one judging you. If you cannot finish a huge novelty-size beer or a fishbowl margarita, you can take it anywhere with you.

#3 Great Fun Museums

Las Vegas has plenty of prestigious museums, some dedicated purely for entertainment and enlightenment. The Mob Museum depicts and celebrates the Mafia traditions of the city. The Neon Museum also offers a glimpse of the city’s gaudy past with the boneyard that it houses. And if you are into the whole nuclear apocalypse thing, there is the National Atomic Testing Museum.

#2 You Can Write off Your Travel Expenses

People who visit Las Vegas do so not only for entertainment and vacation purposes. Many companies even host their conventions, trade shows, and retreats in the heart of Sin City. With this in mind, you can actually write off almost everything as travel expenses, including accommodations, dining, and even entertainment.

#1 What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Over the years, there have been fewer destinations where you can forget being a responsible adult for a while. Do you want a weekend away from your responsibility and indulge in a hedonistic, booze-filled, and glamorous lifestyle? Then Las Vegas is the answer.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Vegas trip now, baby.

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