Repair or Replace: Questions You Should Ask About Your Garage Door

Throughout using them, garage doors receive some form of damage one way or another. They stop working the way they should and require your attention. This situation can inconvenience you and anyone who uses the doors daily. What you can do about it falls into one of two categories: fixing or purchasing a new one.

But the question is, how would you know if it only needs repair or a replacement? Try asking these questions and finding out the answers to start.

What Kind of Damage Does It Have?

Certain kinds of damage can be fixed and not affect future performance as much. For example, if it stops working out of nowhere, you can call professionals to perform garage motor repairs in your Cairns home. However, there is also damage that either can be fixed but will significantly lower the door’s lifespan or cannot be repaired altogether. An example of this would be if a car crashed into it and made a significant dent on it.

How Extensive Is the Damage?

Typically, if the damage is only surface level, such as missing or scratched panels on the door, you can have it repaired. However, if it’s as bad as becoming rusty all over due to age and weather conditions, you would want to have the whole item replaced. You’ll waste time trying to fix a problem that’s too big, and you’ll waste the door if you replace it before using it as much as you can.

How Old Is It?

Garage doors may be durable, but they don’t last forever. If it’s breaking down in general because of its age, it’s high time to replace it. It will help the garage become safer as well since you’ll be able to get the currently available safety features. These include an automatic reversal system that will make the door stop and open when it detects that there’s something or someone in the way of it. You can only imagine how many injuries that this feature can prevent.

How Much Will It Cost?

Close up of garage door

Having the money for either repairs or replacement is essential. If you’ve asked a professional to see to it for you, you’d need money to pay them. Even for a DIY project, you’d have to purchase parts and tools. That is why, for some people, it all boils down to which one of the two choices would be most economical. It is not only in terms of immediate costs but also any long-term expenses that will likely be incurred in the future.

These can be useful if you’re going to try and solve your problem by yourself. However, if you’re still not sure what to do, you might as well get an expert’s inspection and opinion on it. If it only needs repairs, they can do it for you for a specific price. If it needs a replacement, they can help you choose and install your next one. Doing this can also cut the time that you will need for you to decide.

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