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Residential Security: Installations That a Home for Rent Should Have

When you have an extra house that you don’t normally use, you can choose to make the most of it by renting it out. There are always people who need some short-term accommodation, and hotels are not always a choice because of financial reasons. But what are good points about your home that you can market?

A possible one is the features that will make the tenant feel safe and secure. The following are some reasonable safety and security installations that you can include in your home for rent.

Fire Prevention and Safety 

Fire is always a significant problem when it comes to homes. Nobody would want to stay in a house if there’s a lingering danger of the structure burning down and no one can do anything about it. Make sure to minimise the chances of any fires occurring in the area.

If there is a fire hazard, warning and safety signs are good for properly notifying your residents. Smoke alarm systems, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers are also a must to ensure the tenants’ safety.

Emergency Exits 

Sometimes, the only choice that one can make for their safety is to escape from the premises. In this case, your home should have an emergency exit or two to facilitate it. Check if you already have one, and make sure that it’s up to standard. You have to ensure that it can be easily found as well as accessed.

A proper briefing with clear instructions should be given when your residents first arrive, and reminders on how to use them should be posted as well.

Security and Alarm System 

Your residence may be less expensive to rent than a hotel, but it doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any security features available. There are many to choose from, including burglar alarms and CCTV systems.

You can even put in a fully automated high-end security system that will put the house on lockdown if it detects a threat. Whatever you choose, it is best that you and your renters are sure in operating or utilising it easily and that you are certain that it works properly.

Secure Storage 

You may have some items that you’d want to keep safe from burglars, and surely some of your renters would have some too. With this in mind, you can try including a secure storage area for your tenants’ more valuable belongings.

It can be something like a secret drawer or cabinet, or even a safe that’s away from view, installed with locks that you have the keys and combinations to. Just make sure that you change them when you have a change of renters so that you can stay secure.

The safety and security of your rented-out residence is a highly attractive selling point to those who would want to become your guests. They will be able to sleep with peace of mind and say that your house is worth the stay. That kind of review is always a boost for business.

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