Is It Safe and Practical to Travel on the Road During a Pandemic?

Is it safe to travel during a pandemic? That is the question in everyone’s mind. Traveling via plane seems almost impossible because of the various and different quarantine restrictions in states and cities. No one wants to quarantine in a hotel after a plane ride, so domestic travel seems to be the most obvious choice for people now. But really, how safe is a road trip? If you plan to go from coast to coast, how should you go about it safely?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already warned that even car rides have unforeseen risks. Well, not car rides when you’re just driving through for takeout, but long car rides that will require you to make stops along the way. Stops for gas, food, and bathroom breaks are risky for everyone. These activities get you into close contact with people who might have the virus. If there are unvaccinated individuals or kids in your group, this can cause a huge problem. Vaccinated people may find it easier to travel now, of course.

Travel by RV

So what is the obvious solution? Don’t travel? Of course, not! Everyone needs to get out of their houses right now and see the world again. The answer to the predicament is to travel using a recreational vehicle. Since RVs have a bathroom, kitchen, and bunk beds, passengers don’t need to make too many stopovers for gas, food, and motel.

However, since it’s incredibly daunting to fix an RV when it breaks down, you’ll have to talk to an RV insurance agent about getting a policy for your vehicle. If it’s rented, then ask the rental company for a copy of the insurance policy. Make sure you and your family are protected while on the road.

Remember, though, that even traveling by RV comes with certain risks, too. For example, you still have to stop for gas and supplies. If you have to do this and your kids are unvaccinated, make sure not to let them off the RV if there are many other people in the gas station and convenience store. For babies who cannot wear a mask yet, they should stay in the RV. Toddlers who already know how to wear a mask can go with either parent to get supplies.

Carry Necessary Items

Always carry a face mask with you. Remember that some states still have a mask regulation. You don’t want to have to explain to the authorities why you are not wearing a mask. If you are going indoors, even in states that do not require a mask, better wear it still lest there’s a strain of the virus lurking on the surface. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially since experts are only starting to realize that there are breakthrough infections that cause symptoms even in fully vaccinated individuals.

Aside from a mask, always carry a hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes with you. Make sure your sanitizer is at least 70% alcohol so it can kill bacteria and viruses. Also, wash your hands with water and soap every time you go out for supplies or gas. While sanitizers work, nothing beats the water-and-soap combo.

Consider Camping


How safe are motels and hotels now? Sure, your kids are going to fit in the bunker beds of your RV, but how about the adults? Instead of squeezing in yourself with the kids, why not go camping outdoors instead? It’s safe and convenient. Just find a camping site without loads of people, so you won’t have to worry about bumping into others in the middle of the night. If you’re thinking about an RV camp, forget about it. For this road trip, forget about socializing first with other people.

Check the Requirements

Before you cross state borders, read up on the requirements in your destination. Do they impose restrictions related to COVID-19? Do you still have to wear a mask? Where can you go and not go? How about the kids? It’s important to be prepared for this as you cross territories. If there are ever questions from authorities, be prepared with your IDs, reservations, and itinerary.

The world is scary enough as it is without you trying to enjoy what little maneuvering space you have. There is always a level of fear among people now when it comes to traveling. But if you simply want to get out of the house and know more about your country, a trip aboard an RV sounds like a perfect plan.

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