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Security: Different Areas To Focus On During Uncertain Times

Security has always been a key need for every human. In fact, security is known for being one of the most basic needs of an individual, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It can be difficult for an individual or an organization to progress towards a long-term goal if their need for security isn’t met. Having some peace of mind from security in different aspects of life can help organizations and individuals grow.

Most businesses will provide security for their employees to ensure a clear boundary between non-employees and employees entering and leaving the premises of the building. This is especially true for banks, IT companies, and other industries that have to handle funds and information. But other than just providing security for the workplace through durable doors, bulletproof glass windows, and security personnel, businesses will also need to keep in mind the security of online databases and servers that could be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Security And The Pandemic

But in the last 9 – 10 months, businesses have been revamping their definition of security. Besides just protecting employees in the physical world and sensitive information in digital platforms, security departments of businesses will also need to think about COVID-19 transmissions while regulating the foot traffic of customers and employees.

But what are the different areas of security that businesses (and homeowners) will need to e mindful of? What can we do to keep ourselves safe from others that might cause bodily harm and danger? Here’s what most people will need to focus on: ensuring that there is a well-rounded sense of security through their business.

Incident and Crisis Response

First and foremost, it’s paramount that we acknowledge that security teams aren’t just limited to the “physical” set-up. There are different types of teams operating in different environments. Much of these teams will need to respond to incidents and other protocols.

The pandemic has caused drastic changes in how foot traffic will be regulated in certain public places. For instance, security teams will need to be in place to respond to riots and ensure that the audience is adhering to safety protocols and precautions set by authorities to stem COVID-19 transmissions.

In uncertain times, protecting employees and co-workers should be a top priority. This is especially true for banks and businesses that have to handle an exorbitant amount of funds. Other than just cyberattacks and hacking incidents that can happen on your business’s online accounts and databases, you’ll need to protect essential personnel from malicious entities that have ill-intents. Fortunately, there’s a security guard company that goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure employees are safe.

Having an armed and well-disciplined security team can be especially useful in high-profile areas or an installation that houses critical sensitive information. Having a team of well-versed professionals in auditing and risk assessment can also help tighten security measures.

Security In A Remote Set-up

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During the pandemic, most businesses have been incorporating a more digital setup, and most will need to work from home to mitigate infection rates. However, there’s one thing that businesses will need to be mindful of: information security. If people are working from home or the nearest cafe in their area, how can these businesses be sure that they are using this information strictly under company standards?

Most experts will issue corporate laptops at a minimum endpoint protection configuration if it’s an activity on a localized network. Still, IT teams should be vigilant on who they will be given access to when it comes to digital corporate assets.

There are different security areas that businesses will need to be conscious of, especially during the pandemic. While most security teams will need to put on an extra amount of vigilance, this information is key in helping the company through tumultuous times.

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