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Should You Really Set Up a Home Gym?

Every fitness enthusiast dreams of owning a fully-decked-out home gym. But for some, it’s not just a dream, it’s a goal. Some even go as far as converting a room in their house to a dedicated fitness area. Of course, not everyone is as lucky, but if you’re wondering whether you should really turn that spare room in your house into a home gym, here are good and bad things you should consider before doing so:

The Good:

Saves You Time

An obvious benefit to having a home gym is that you get to save on time. You won’t have to travel to the gym, not even prepare to go to the gym. You also don’t have to wait to use an exercise machine- you have all the time you need to exercise. For those looking to maximize whatever time they have, a home gym makes a lot of sense.

Absolute Privacy

Exercising can be a very personal activity. It’s a moment to zone in on one action, really focus on what you’re doing, and engage that muscle-mind connection. While it can be possible to achieve that level of focus in a public gym, it’s significantly easier to do that in a home gym. You’re free to make as much noise as you want, grunt without the worry of disturbing others, or even make silly dances or faces to pump yourself up. Privacy is among the most popular reasons why one would want a home gym, and if you’re a stickler for privacy, then a home gym is for you.

You Can Exercise Whenever You Feel Like It

A common struggle many gym-goers feel is that they can’t go to the gym at the exact moment they feel motivated. Well, if you have a home gym, you can quite literally exercise whenever you feel like it (as long as you’re home). This can potentially result in great workout sessions, as you can take advantage of a burst of inspiration or motivation to work out. It also forces a sense

Saves Money in the Long Run

Unlike a gym where you have to pay a monthly rate (that can even increase with inflation), having a home gym usually means sinking in money in one go and never having to spend again. Yeah, you might have to hire a remodeling contractor to truly customize your space to become an exercise room. Or you might have to buy all the equipment that you want or need. But in the long run, your home gym will pay for itself.

When you factor in matters like travel costs, gym fees, and even the buying of drinks and protein bars outside, it all sums up to a considerably large sum. And you’ll be bypassing all of that with a home gym.

The Bad:

Doesn’t Have a Motivating Social Environment

Unless you constantly invite your friends to train at your house, one thing that a home gym sorely lacks is the social environment. Gyms aren’t just a place for you to exercise, it’s also a mecca for like-minded folks who can encourage and motivate you. Some people go to the gym for that reason alone: have a social support system that can get them to exercise consistently. And that’s perfectly fine- if you need a strong social environment to get your best lifts, it’s best to stay in the gym.

You Need a Good Amount of Space

Even if there’s a wide variety of transforming or modular gym equipment, you still need a considerable amount of space to be able to exercise right. Consider the size of your home. Can you sacrifice space to allot to a home gym? If you’re really tight on space, then maybe it’s far cheaper to simply continue with a gym subscription than having to spend on making a home gym that will just make your living experience uncomfortable.

It’s Easy to Get Bored

When you’re at home, things can get demotivating. While you can blast your favorite pumping music to get your blood going, it’s easier to get bored when you’re at home. Especially if it’s the same old things you’re looking at, you might find yourself demotivated. When going for a home gym, don’t forget to factor in motivation and discipline- that’s why many home gyms often sport posters and memorabilia of popular fitness icons.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you have a home gym or you go to the fitness center. What’s important is that you get to exercise consistently and live healthily. Having a home gym is just the icing on top, but fitness and health always go first.

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