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Side Hustles: Hobbies That Can Start Earning You Money

With rising expenses, it may sometimes seem that a single job is not enough to live on comfortably. If you are looking to alleviate some pressure on your wallet, you don’t have to look far. You might have marketable skills already. Many people don’t realize that their hobbies can be turned into money-making purposes. Here is a look at some hobbies that can be sure to pull in some extra cash for your expenses.


A green thumb can be a very useful skill in generating some revenue for yourself. The most direct way is to sell what you grow in your garden. If you have a large enough vegetable garden in your backyard, you likely grow more than enough for your needs. Sell some of it to your neighbors. They’ll appreciate something fresh and organic or their diet. Price it competitively and you’ll be able to make a decent profit from your efforts.

It does not just produce you can grow in your backyard. A flower garden can provide you with some decent profits, especially if you have some great-looking blooms. Combine it with some flower arranging skills and you can sell bouquets regularly.

You don’t even need to work in your backyard. If your skills in gardening are very obvious, then you can hire yourself out to the neighborhood as a lawn care expert. Bring along the tools and bill by the hour and you can have a decent side hustle on weekends.


Being able to cook a delicious meal might not sound like much but it might surprise you at how many are bad at it. Their lack of skill is your gain when it comes to cooking. If you know of a particular dish that you are good at, then you can start preparing that for sale. For example, knowing how to make poke can be a business opportunity. Instead of preparing for one, you can make batches and sell them.

Poke needs to be fresh as possible for the best taste so you need to be a bit careful about how much you make. You might take orders in advance and prepare only that much for sale. You can even be a chef for hire for specific events.

Instead of meals, you might consider baking desserts and bread. Baked goods are better for transport and keep better. Bake up a few pies and sell them by the slice to make a good profit. If you won awards for your baking, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put that fame to good use.


If you are a good musician or singer and don’t suffer from stage fright, then you have a potentially profitable side job right there. People will always love live music and that can earn you money. However, if you don’t like performing in front of everyone, there are still ways to make money from being good at music.

Original compositions are always welcome. People like background music for their video content that they don’t have to pay large amounts of money for. You might also take commissions for composing music. This will be a challenge to your creative skills but it can be worth it. Compose some samples and post them on an online portfolio to attract potential customers.

Finally, you might also consider teaching music. There are many young people interested in learning an instrument. Advertise your lessons and give a reasonable rate. Teaching can be a challenge and will require your patience.



If you like taking pictures, then using your photographic skills for profit can be a good business. Being a semi-professional photographer can make you a viable option for those looking for a discount on their photography needs. You’ll want to focus on a specific niche to make your mark in the business.

For example, if you are good at taking portraits and headshots, then that is what you should be working on. There are dozens of specific photography types out there as children or events. Focusing on one or two allows you to hone your skills in them and the necessary equipment. The better you get at taking photos, the more you can charge.

Many people hesitate about turning their hobbies into businesses. They feel that it would sap the joy out of it. But it is all a matter of perspective. Try to make it a fun experience and don’t overburden yourself. Staying passionate about the hobby will only make it better for you and easy to do. If you do it right, your side job might soon become your main one.

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