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Businesses Created to Help Working Mom and Dads Thrive at Childcare

There are tons of challenges that come with raising kids. One of the most obvious ones includes providing financial help and childcare. Many parents are torn between quitting work to take care of the kids or simply find a way to care for the kids while working from home.

Even though remote jobs offer a good way to provide for the family’s needs without stepping outside of the house, many still find it hard to maintain a work-life balance. Thankfully, many types of businesses are actually helping working parents tackle childcare easier. If you are after a business idea that aims to help working parents like you ease parenthood’s daily grind, here are some examples that you can consider:

Kid’s Early Learning Center

Parents of young kids need someone reliable to look after the children while they work. Modern parents are not only after high-quality childcare services. They also want to make sure that their kids are learning even in their absences.

This is where Kid’s Early Learning Centers come into play. Providing parents with high-quality early childhood education will give working parents peace of mind that their kids stay safe, healthy, and engaged under the supervision of professionals. Studies show that early childhood education offers a myriad of benefits to kids under the program, including the following.

  • Increase the chance of kids graduating from high school
  • More likely to be employed once they grow up
  • Less likely to experience arrests
  • Less likely to use drugs
  • Experience income gains of up to 3.5%

Early childhood education may not guarantee the success of children both in and outside of school. But it does help working parents ensure the kids are under professional care. The kids get to learn, play, and stay engaged even their parents are working most hours of the day.

Even if you have no idea what and how to start a kid’s early learning center, you can simply buy a preschool franchise. You get to enjoy a tried and test business model geared towards premium kids’ education. You get to ease working parent’s worries while ensuring their kids will receive only the best quality care and education.

Casual Childcare

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Many working parents try to be as present as possible when it comes to their kids’ lives. They try every possible way to ensure one parent is looking after the kids while the other works or run on errands. Others went looking for remote jobs, to make sure they stay with the kids 24/7 and still provide for the children’s needs.

But then, there are times when leaving your kids at home becomes inevitable. You could be after a job interview on-site and you have no one to watch the kids over. You might need to go on a doctor’s appointment and bringing the kids along is just not an option.

There are also times when you simply want to enjoy, unwind, and treat yourself with some alone time. Businesses offering casual childcare services help parents like you enjoy childcare service on an occasional basis. This means they are offering their services temporarily or for a short term, giving busy and burned-out parents some time to breathe.


Probably one of the most cost-effective types of business you can start geared towards working parents is a babysitting business. You can offer affordable babysitting services to busy parents who are unable to care for their kids. You have the option to offer your services for a few hours each day and be on call every time someone needs a babysitter for their kids.

People pay for babysitting services by the hour. You want to make sure that you can obtain relevant babysitting experience to gain your first customers. You will slowly build your reputation with your proof of experience.

It also helps if you can hire babysitters who already have experience and a good reputation of their own. It helps to get all babysitters in your company certified with safety and first aid courses, including child and infant CPR. This way, parents are more likely to trust your business.

Such certifications will help make your business more marketable. Modern parents want more than just a typical babysitter. They actually want one that they know has the knowledge and experience in case of an emergency.

Since you are basically in charge of children’s lives when babysitting, you need more than just the basics of caring for kids. It helps that you know what to do especially in case of a health emergency. There will be times when your clients have certain medical conditions, making it vital that you know how to handle their condition if needed.

These are but three childcare business ideas that are helping working parents take great care of their kids. Like any kind of business, each one comes with its pros and cons. If your goal is to build a startup that aims to help parents navigate their roles, you can consider these business ideas as your guide.

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