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Surf’s Up: With or Without COVID

The pandemic put a stop to close contact sports, but for surfers, riding the waves is a solo sport that they can enjoy with or without a pandemic.

The surf life and COVID19

Since the pandemic started, travel has been limited. Some are lucky, though as they live in coastal areas; they can enjoy the beautiful view, and for surfers, the thrilling waves. In Hawaii, for example, beaches were open for water sports like swimming and surfing.

Adventure-seekers who were stuck at home, on the other hand, became more creative. BBC reported that a new community of surfers emerged in Dayton, Ohio. Using their local rivers, these surfers road the river waves and built a new surfing scene.

Some were not as lucky, though. In California, for instance, barricades were put up to prevent people from coming to the beach. Surfers who are missing the waves had to do some negotiations first before they get to the water. But as soon as they got into the water, coronavirus seemingly did not exist; what existed was the beautiful waves and the sun.

Benefits of surfing

For many surfers, catching the waves gives them a break from the virus. They prefer going to the ocean and being active because it takes their mind away from the depressing global situation. During the pandemic, non-surfers were also converted to surf enthusiasts. In fact, some surfboard manufacturers and sellers were happily surprised to see an increase in demand.

A study made by California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) attempts to determine the health benefits of recreational surfing. It states that as surfing requires intense stamina from paddling, it can be considered a form of interval training.

Interval training is composed of short, high-intensity exercises combined with a recovery phase, similar to what surfers do. CSUSM found out that surfing is great cardio, beneficial to the health of the heart.

The National Center in Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD) also studied surfing’s impact on children with disabilities. After a surfing intervention program, the center found out that these kids gained significant improvement in grip, arm flexibility, and core body strength. On top of this, surfing had a positive impact on the children’s self-confidence and social skills; their level of anxiety was also decreased.

For some children, on the other hand, surfing is the future. This is especially true in underdeveloped countries. Children from these countries living in coastal areas learn how to surf; this prepares them for international competitions that will ultimately lead to their future success.

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Opening Up

With all the benefits of surfing, more and more people are attracted to the sport. In 2016, More than 2 million surfers are found in the US.

Currently, surfing competitions resume across the globe, including one in Lemoore, California. The World Surfing Games 2021 has also been recently held in El Salvador from May 29 to June 6; team France bagged the gold.

In the USA, there are plenty of surfing spots you can go to. USA Today lists 10 surprising places to surf around the world year-round. It includes Montauk in New York, Santa Cruz in California, and Narragansett at Rhode Island.

From city to beach home

During the pandemic, some have made the big move from city life to beach life. Included in these individuals are surfers who wish to be closer to the water and pursue their passion. These people think that during another pandemic and lockdown situation, it is better to stay by the water and have a more relaxing vibe.

Around the world, there are top cities where surfers choose to live. One of the top choices for surfers is Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu has an urban surf culture mixed with the “Aloha” spirit. More importantly, it has several surf spots great for surfing all year long.

Another great place to stay for surfers is Cape Town in South Africa. Like Honolulu, Cape Town has waves all year round on its several beaches. On top of that, Cape Town is surrounded by jaw-dropping sceneries you wouldn’t get enough of.

One of the most important things to consider when moving to another city is where you will live. Most beachside homes are made of wood. It is sustainable and fits well with the environment. However, if you’re renting or buying a home, consider doing a termite inspection to keep you safe from accidents.

Safety is of utmost importance, and as surfers, you must also know that. Ensuring your home is safe and free from structural damages is one way to live the chill and problem-free life most surfers strive to have.

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