The Best Approaches to Attract Investors to Your Startup

How is it that some startups attract investors like ants to sugar? And then, here you are, you’ve got a good idea, but nobody wants to listen to you. Why are you having trouble convincing investors to say yes to a meeting? All you have to do is present the business proposal and you’re sure they’ll see how much of a potential your idea has. Whether your business is up and running or it’s still in the planning stage, it’s always great to receive some needed funds from investors. It will boost your ability to market your company and at the same time, reach more of your target market.

And yet, not everyone has the talent and skills needed to attract the likes of Veloquence Capital. Yes, you need to go out there and introduce your business to investors. But sometimes, it’s more than that. You have to be charming, eloquent, trustworthy, and so much more. Imagine yourself as an investor. You’re giving your money to someone who promises to do something great with it. How can you make sure your money is safe?

Practice Your Pitch

How are you going to present your proposal to a potential investor? Practice your pitch. If your idea has something to do with business solutions, then you have to present it formally. You need to present yourself as an expert in that particular niche. If you’re in a “fun” business such as an indoor playground for kids or adults, then you have to be fun, approachable, and charming. You have to fit the way you will present according to the brand’s identity.

Online Fundraising Platforms

In recent years, you have seen the growth of fundraising platforms online. Who said you can raise money only by organizing a fundraising event? These platforms have become highly popular for startups. Investors, entrepreneurs, and banks regularly browse these platforms to look for great business ideas. Make a page for your business and pitch your idea.


Soft-sell via Networking

If hard-selling isn’t working for your proposal, why don’t you try to attend networking events where you can soft-sell your business? Soft selling means mentioning your business casually to a potential investor. Yes, you’re still selling an idea but it’s in a less formal and more organic fashion. You’ll be surprised how open investors are at these networking events. They are more willing to listen to business pitches as long as they are done in a fun fashion.

Show Results

It might be difficult for startups to attract investors if you do not have real and paying customers first. Even if you cannot launch your business for now because you lack in funds, show potential investors that there’s real interest in your products and services. Present to them testimonials from customers who have sampled your products and services. Sure, you’re not in full production yet, but what little you produced have been met spectacularly.

Remember that you have to believe in your product first and foremost. You are the best ambassador for your product. When investors see how passionate you are about it, they’ll be interested to take a peek into your proposal at least.

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