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The Likely Reason Why Your Back Hurts All the Time

Nobody likes back pain, and on top of the discomfort it can bring, it can also carry with it a lot of anxiety as to why it is there in the first place. The longer you let yourself suffer through this condition, the more you put yourself at risk of having it worsen. At the very least, it just prolongs the agony of it instead of finding possible treatments. Though there are many possibilities as to why you may be feeling this pain, listed below are some of the most common occurrences that you may want to get checked out professionally.

  • Underlying bone issues

Depending on your age and nutrition, your pain could be your body’s response to an underlying issue with your bones that is acting up. Many of the conditions under this category need specific treatment, and sometimes even medication, for them to get properly sorted out. If your family has a history of bone weakness, you’re a middle-aged woman, or you’ve spent a significant portion of your life sedentary, you may be a higher risk for this.

But beyond the bone loss and osteoporosis that is a concern for those later in life, you can even have some issues that have been there since youth and just weren’t identified or treated enough, like scoliosis. Though these might sound scary, there are solutions to bring in the necessary nutrients into the bone, and there are non-surgical scoliosis treatment options.

  • Untreated injuries

Whether it’s a fracture that healed wrong or muscles that have been strained or pulled, some injuries need time to heal right. There’s also the possibility of a pinched nerve. Consider any actions that you have previously done that might have caused such an injury so you can trace it back. If you aren’t physically fit and you exert effort with poor form, you may have given yourself back pain that you didn’t give the right time and process to recover.

Though some back problems are solved with movement, this particular cause would need proper rest, limited physical exertion, cold and warm compresses, and possibly even the prescription of anti-inflammatory medications. If you didn’t realize you’d torn a muscle, you may have exacerbated it with more force, causing the chronic pain (especially because it can take weeks to subside naturally).

  • Sustained strain because of lifestyle choices

woman drinking after exercise

Sometimes, the strain on your back isn’t necessarily an injury or an illness but merely your body reacting to some poor lifestyle habits. If you have bad posture, whether you’re sitting, lying down, or standing up, it can take a toll on your back pretty quickly. The same pain can manifest from sleeping on a bad mattress. Other issues can include eating food that inflames your muscles or doesn’t provide enough calcium, not moving enough, drinking too many sugary drinks, and smoking cigarettes.

This one has arguably the simplest solution, but it can take the most discipline since the answer lies within your own choices and making a change to feel relieved.

If any of these hit close to home, tons of safe home remedies can alleviate the pain. However, it would still be best to get a consultation from a doctor to make sure you find the exact cause and get a suitable treatment plan.

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