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Three Ways to Extend and Maximize Your Leadership Influence

In the modern world of instant access to information and gig economy, it’s easier than ever to tap a specialized resource for solutions to specific issues. Yet for larger, complicated tasks, you probably don’t want to hire various specialists ala carte. For instance, a big construction project in Salt Lake City needs a general contractor who effectively coordinates labor, sets a high standard, and brings out the best in their team with the available resources. The ability to exert a strong positive influence on others to drive results is among the most important qualities of a leader. Here’s how to improve and maximize that aspect of your leadership.

Work for others to succeed

Many qualities are considered essential to good leadership, but if you truly want to have a far-reaching impact, investing in your mentorship role and being dedicated to the improvement of others is one of the best places to start.

Consider your career as a leader; who are the people you know personally, whose guidance you relied on, and whom you consider as role models? How many of those people are still your colleagues or direct supervisors? Odds are that many of them have, or will, move on because good leadership is always in demand. Thus, even with a short window of time, if you help to develop your subordinates, guide them towards their potential, and work hard for them to succeed, they will earn recognition, become leaders in time, and move on — spreading your influence with them along the way.

Improve communication and collaboration


Achieving great results promptly, even with limited resources, is a trademark of effective leaders. While every leader can manage individuals, foster mutual respect, resolve conflict, and get their people working effectively towards the common goal, it takes a special focus on communication and collaboration to achieve real synergy at any level of organization.

In your journey to becoming a leader, you probably learned to overcome any fear of asking questions or providing feedback, even when directed towards people in a higher position. Those are the same qualities that you must now cultivate in every member of your team to bridge the communication gap and encourage everyone to bring forth their ideas without fear of dismissal or ridicule. This, in turn, is what makes individuals collaborate better and produce results that are greater than the sum of the parts involved.

Embody the core values

By helping to maximize others’ potential, your leadership influence can spread far. With synergy, your team can work in harmony to quickly achieve results beyond their means. But if you wish to create a lasting influence wherever you go, it’s necessary to look inward first. While many leaders can manage from their own sense of values, great long-term leadership is aligned with the culture of an organization and the core values of its employees. Embody those values to motivate the people you work with and help shape the team of tomorrow, making it constantly an engaging and fulfilling place to work and succeed.

By working on these and other ways to maximize your influence as a leader, you’ll be able to bring positive changes and guide more efforts with your vision by imparting skills, synergy, and values to everyone at work.

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