Essential Pointers for Better Health and Wellness

In a world post-COVID-19, good health remains at the forefront of almost anything else. With that in mind, let us look at four great tips to achieve it.

Minding Your Surroundings

Among many other things, one of the most valuable lessons the COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us is the importance of social distancing, isolation, and personal and collective hygiene. The latter represents being aware of the places we go to and the things we touch, as well as those visited and touched by others. For example, if we go to the local shopping mall and ride on the escalator, we should be mindful of cleaning our hands with alcohol once we’re done holding the railing or when opening and closing the doors of a shop.

As a result, one of the most important things we can do to maintain an optimum level of health is to make sure the houses and apartments where we live are clean and organized. After all, pests, viruses, and other types of diseases thrive in environments filled with dust, decomposing food, and other types of garbage.

And if we own a business, we shouldn’t forget to hire a reputable commercial cleaning services provider every two or three weeks. Aside from keeping ourselves and our employees safe, this will ensure people don’t call in sick and productivity remains high.

Trying Out New Things

No matter how much technology in communications and travel has developed in the past few decades, the world remains huge, a planet filled with places to discover, amazing things to see, and valuable lessons to learn. As such, there is no greater time than now, a time when several pharmaceutical companies from different nations have already begun the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, to visit other countries, learn a new language, and experience the many things that have been taken from us the last year and a half.

But it is not only about getting out there following months of quarantines and confinements. It is also about our physical well-being and our mental health. As studies show, ailments of the brain such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders can be triggered or enhanced by being inside the same place for a long period, not to mention what a sedentary lifestyle can cause to our bodies.

When we try new things, the neurons in our brain begin to trigger electrical impulses, basically hard-wiring us back to life. Furthermore, we release hormones associated with excitement and happiness, ones that do wonders to our overall health.

Having Challenges in Life

One of the most memorable scenes in the classic boxing hit Rocky IV is a conversation between Apollo Creed and then-retired fighter Rocky Balboa. Trying to convince Rocky to help him train for a fight with Russian behemoth Ivan Drago, Creed appeals to Rocky’s sense of purpose and the value that comes with having something to look forward to, something to achieve. He says to him, “We are warriors. And without some challenge, without some war to fight, then the warrior might as well be dead.”

Of course, Apollo takes this to the extreme, a decision that ultimately ends up costing him his own life. Nevertheless, it is something we can all relate to, especially those close to retirement.

Most of us get up early in the morning because we have something to do. Whether it is maintaining a job to provide for ourselves and the other family members, studying for a test, or training for competition, having a goal keeps us motivated. That, in turn, makes us take better care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. We know we have to be at our best because others depend on us or a challenge is to be met.

Learning to Accept

Anger is highly detrimental to our health. It prevents us from sleeping well and creates stress and anxiety. From a physical perspective, it increases the risk for a heart attack, weakens the immune system, prevents proper breathing, and can even cut your life short.

Thus, as the old Chinese saying goes, the key to a happy, healthy life is to forgive, not for the people who have hurt us but for ourselves. Only we have the power to let go of the venom poisoning our veins.

Regret is a part of life, and no human being is perfect. Still, as cliche and overused as it might seem, we cannot change the things in our past, nor should we try. We can only learn from them and strive to make better decisions in the future. Our minds and bodies will thank us for it.

If you want to be healthier this year, mind your surroundings and try out something new. Also, seek challenges in your life and look for mountains to climb. Finally, learn to accept the things you cannot alter. These are simple, easy-to-do things that will grant you a longer, better life.

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