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Top 5 Home Gym Ideas to Feed Your Active Lifestyle

The Greeks didn’t just give us top-notch ways to get an education along with a host of brilliant minds (e.g., Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Hippocrates), but also the gym. Yes, it may come as a surprise but the word itself comes from the Greek word “gymnos”. Translated, that means naked. Then, the gymnasium was designed to teach young men physical education in preparation for their regular games: the Olympics. To show the extent of human prowess and to the Almighty Zeus, the men who participate in these games competed naked.

It’s perhaps this passion to create better men that gyms sprouted together with schools. In the Greek era, both schools by Plato and Aristotle highlighted the gyms of old. In the 19th century, gyms of various sizes sprouted under the auspices of school administrations to bolster their athletic programs.

Today, gyms are a household word every American knows. However, thanks to the advance of the virus, you may have lost track of your gym membership and perhaps gained some pounds. Indeed, fitness centers could pose health risks given that you really don’t have control over who goes in and out of the door.

The good news is there’s no one stopping you from putting up your own home gym. When you do that, you hit two birds in one stone. You not only support your active lifestyle but also bring health closer to everyone in the family. And the best part’s you can sweat things out any time of day, any day of the week. Below are 5 essential tips to get your home gym started.

Carve Space in Your Garage

You need not bend over backward and look that far. Your garage can actually save the day. That’s especially true if your home harbors a two-car garage. There should be enough workout space to get you going.

A home workout space needs to carve but 10 × 6 ft to be operational. It’s a small footprint. It’s actually not that hard to find if you’re willing to get down to it and clean up. Oft-times, the garage is filled to the brim with items that are either unneeded or simply broken. You’d be surprised at how much space you can free by taking out the clutter.

Then, make a hard decision to rid yourself of things you don’t actually need. If you’re worried these may not fit your regular bin, you can always call a dumpster rental to take care of all that trash. Add all the things from your household you don’t need anymore (e.g., broken fridge, old sofa) so you save on the dollar.

Make the Most of a Bedroom Corner

If by any chance, the garage simply can’t be squeezed, then the bedroom should be your next destination. Take an inventory and take out things you don’t actually need. Or you can transfer/reposition bedroom furniture.

There’s a caveat though. As much as possible, use ground-floor bedrooms only. If you take a chance on those on the upper floors, using exercise equipment may churn out far more noise than your whole household can handle. If you have not choice but use a bedroom upstairs, then you may have to use more free weights than equipment.

Turn an Attic or Basement into a Gym


Two rooms which should be best candidates to workout should be the attic and the basement. Both are out of the way. People don’t usually hang in there. So an unused basement or attic can be perfect to get those sweat going.

It’s all about carving needed space for yourself. Some even go to the extent of putting up a home gym on the patio. That is also a good idea. Just make sure you have it roofed so you can do your thing even when the weather is not so good.

The advantage of indoor home gyms is you can get your routine going even when snow or rain is heavy outside.

Free Weights is the Name of the Game

Fortunately for you, you don’t actually need pricey equipment to get your home gym going. You can count on a good set of those reliable free weights to get you going. As an alternative, kettle weights can also do their part. A quick look at YouTube should give you an idea of how to use them best.

Go Basic

What you lack in space you can make up for in ingenuity. For one, employ a floor mat. Not only will this help you protect your floor from damage, but it also protects your elbows and skin from routines that require a lot of floor contact (e.g., burpees, push-ups).

Moreover, rely on the services of an old-school jumping rope to get your cardio going instead of a mighty treadmill. For one, you save tons of money. Last but not least, you save space. A daily routine of jump rope should help you sculpt those washboard abs in no time.

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