Types of Cutting Tools for Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

In the old days, roofs were almost exclusively metallic. Nowadays, however, most people are leaning towards plastic roofing, particularly polycarbonate sheets. These can be used for porch additions, sheds, greenhouses, and main structures. Polycarbonate roofing panels are available in opaque and transparent variants and come in several colors. They are resistant to damage from UV rays, resistant to temperature extremes, and lightweight. They are also extremely tough and will withstand considerable force without breaking. This informs their use in high-security constructions.

Corrugated plastic roofing sheets for UK properties come in varying lengths. It is, therefore, almost impossible to avoid some cutting of the sheets during their installation. You, however, should use the proper cutting tools to avoid damaging your sheets. Here are the ideal cutting tool alternatives for polycarbonate roofing sheets.

Circular Saws

These are an ideal choice for cutting thin roofing sheets. The saws are portable and usually electric motor-powered in battery-operated and corded models. Portable circular saws are almost always used for making straight cuts. They nonetheless can easily cut across your roofing sheet’s width or length at an angle owing to their portability. Carbide-toothed saws are your best choices since they generate clean and chip-free edges on polycarbonate.

Panel and Table Saws


These are stationary and generally bolted to walls or floors. They are used for precise straight cuts on roofing sheets. A table saw’s blade will protrude from a fixed point in the middle of a horizontal table. The blade of a panel saw, on the other hand, slides horizontally and vertically across an upright support system. Moreover, table saws often only create rip cuts, while panel saws can be used for both cross and rip cuts.

Band Saws

This has a slightly flexible thin blade that closely resembles a saber or stationary jigsaw. The saw’s narrow blade will run from a horizontal table’s surface to an arm that remains suspended across the surface. Though band saws suffice for all types of angled and straight cuts in polycarbonate sheets, they are particularly effective for making decorative scrollwork, circles, and curved cuts.


These work like power drills. They cut through roofing sheets using a sharpened spinning attachment known as a bit. Even so, while drill bits make their cuts primarily by penetration, the bits on routers are sharp and will cut channels by moving through work materials from side to side. Routers can be used to create channels for joinery and decorative purposes in polycarbonate sheets. They can also shape and smooth sharp edges.

Hand Tools

Manual hand tools more so construction snips and utility knives will suffice for cutting very thin polycarbonate roofing sheets. Construction snips will easily shear through the roofing sheets. Heavy-duty utility knives with fixed blades can directly cut your roofing sheets or cut it through the score and snap process.

The right tool from the above for cutting your polycarbonate sheets makes a significant difference in the look and durability of your roof. Thankfully, you can get the cutting tools from the same supplier for your roofing sheets. This makes it easy to match the sheets to their ideal cutting tools.

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