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Van Living Isn’t Perfect, But It’s An Experience Like No Other

Although you don’t hear about van living as often nowadays, it’s carefully found itself a unique niche of people who wish for a quieter lifestyle, roaming the world from one destination to the next and just vibing with the flow of time inside their converted van. And despite the many challenges that have surfaced the past year and threatened the ability to live out on the road and free-form, van living remains strong and continues to inspire young adventurers, romantic couples, and even retirees to escape from the typical housing life.

However, one common misconception about van living that’s been running rampant is the idea that there are far too many cons to make it an intelligent choice when, in reality, there’s more to it than meets the eye at face value. And while there are some gaps and shortfalls that are warranted, we think it’s time people understand that van living may not be perfect, but it’s an experience and adventure that can make you live through multiple lifetimes.

Nothing Spells Freedom Better Than The Van Life

The Covid-19 global pandemic has restricted a lot of our movement, fun, and experience to the four walls of our home, and while health restrictions have been easing and going outside again is possible, the freedom you feel is no longer the same. But, if there’s one lifestyle that manages to remain spontaneous and independent, then nothing can match the van life when it comes to feeling free.

  • You Choose Your Environment: As far as destinations go, you have all the freedom in the world to move from one campsite to the next, exploring every state, landmark, national park, and natural escape you can find on your route. And even though the climate can switch from super-cold to unbearably hot on some days, the scenic views make up for the buckets of sweat and occasional shivers. Plus, with the right pair of running shoes, you can head out and take it all in without having to worry about losing your place to sleep.
  • Constantly Meet New People: We know fully well that meeting new people might not be at the top of your priority list given the circumstances, but discovering new personalities and making connections is still very much possible regardless of the challenges. And whether it be stumbling upon a hiking group, cracking a few drinks on the campsite, or having a faithful encounter at the local diner, you’ll find no end to the number of people you get to meet when living out in a van.

Everyday Living, Everyday Challenge, And Everyday Experience

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On the more annoying and dysfunctional note, there will be moments regularly when you’re reminded of the convenience and luxuries that come with living inside an actual house, making you wish you could afford a much bigger RV. However, while it may be stressful at first, knowing the workaround for certain problems does get easier over time and does become a fun experience in the long run.

  • Meal Preparation Will Spark Creativity: If you’re the type that enjoys cooking up a feast, then don’t expect your first few months of van living to be the best experience because meal preparation will require a lot of creativity. At times, the stove will just refuse to work, and unless you’re going out to buy groceries every day, you’ll need to be resourceful with your ingredients. So, now’s your chance to learn how to make a mean set of hot pockets to go while you save up for a portable BBQ and kitchen set.
  • A Good Shower Is A Hard Gamble: Getting a good shower is always a hard gamble, and even though you’ve got modern equipment installed on your converted van, don’t expect temperatures to follow your every whim. To appease this issue, we recommend getting a gym membership to take your showers there and always camp close to sites that have full bathrooms for you to use.

Perfect For Downsizing And Cutting Costs

Last but not least, when it comes to money matters and cutting down costs, van living is simply one of the most affordable and accessible options for most people. And unlike apartments and tiny homes that will require a lot of squeezing and still quite the hefty initial investment, you won’t need to sink as big of a down payment for a nice van to ride out for the next few years on the road.

  • Van Purchases And Conversion Kits: We won’t deny that some vans can run for upwards of $50,000, and once you enter in the range of custom designs and detailing, you’ll find that number rising up quite a bit. However, for many beginners and newbies to the van lifestyle, you can find plenty of second-hand and brand-new options for less than that amount if you’re willing to go for a smaller model. Therefore, a quick personal loan can do much of the hard lifting for you regarding payment plans.

A New Chapter In Your Book Of Life!

Overall, van living can be difficult at times, but the experience and fun you get in return do offset a lot of the cons people exaggerate. So, before you turn down the opportunity, remember that this might just be the new chapter in your life you’ve been waiting for.

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