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Ways Hotels Can Promote Health and Wellness of Their Guests

Consumers these days are not only concerned about sustainability, but their health and wellness as well. The hospitality industry is now trying to keep up with consumer demands for more sustainable businesses. But many hotels still have to keep up and try to promote wellness tourism.

Guests are prone to taking their diet and health for granted while traveling. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to improve your number of guests and also your revenue? Here’s what you can do as a hotel owner or manager in New Zealand to make your hotel more appealing to your health-enthusiast guests:

Consider adding a gym to your hotel

What better way to promote health and wellness than by giving your guests easy access to a nice gym or wellness center? You can choose to give a one-day free gym pass to each guest. If they wish to continue using the facility and equipment, you can tell them to add it to their tab. Giving your guests a dedicated space where they can exercise is a good way to start turning your hotel into a healthy and wellness-friendly space.

Offer a healthier menu

When you’re on vacation or a business trip, it can be hard to stop yourself from enjoying unhealthy food. But if you offer your guests healthier food options, you’re making it easier for them to stick to a healthier diet. Ask your chef to whip up healthier meals. You can even ask a nutritionist to work with your kitchen staff for expert advice.

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Consider upgrading bathroom spaces

Of course, it is every hotel’s responsibility to provide spotless clean accommodation for every guest. Aside from giving your guests fresh linens, bedding, pillowcases, and towels, you can also consider a bathroom upgrade. The more gorgeous and clean-looking your bathrooms are, the more guests you can attract. From smart toilets to modern shower cubicles, you can find bathroom upgrades to satisfy your guests’ craving for a healthier and cleaner personal space.

Say yes to spa treatment rooms

Before, the only people who craved for a relaxing spa treatment in hotels were women. Now, even men are invested in self-care regimes that they also avail of such services. By providing your guests with spa treatments, you can help promote wellness while increasing your revenue. You can even throw in extra services such as massage to make your tired and overwhelmed guests maximize their stay in your hotel.

Consider renting out bikes to your guests

It may not be a usual hotel perk, but you can choose to give your guests the option to rent a bike. This gives them more reason to explore the beautiful surroundings of your hotel. Biking helps your guests go around town without having to walk, hire a cab, or drive their car. It helps reduce carbon emissions and promotes awareness of green living.

Understanding your guests’ ever-changing needs and finding ways to meet those needs is one excellent way for your hotel to stay competitive. With more guests wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is only imperative that we try to cater to their demands. By keeping this list in mind, you’re not only helping promote health and wellness to your guests. You’re also improving your guests’ satisfactory rate—even those who are not that health-conscious.

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