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WFH Essentials: Set up the Perfect Workspace at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic expanded our concept of home. No longer is our house reserved for personal businesses. Living rooms were turned into mini classrooms. Gardens were changed to outdoor diners. And kitchen tables became meeting areas.

Slowly, the house becomes a place to live, work, and learn. No wonder home offices are now in a surge. In a recent study by Upwork, about 36 million Americans are even expected to work remotely by 2025.

If you’re a worker, you might be thinking of setting up a home office by now. Luckily, creating one is easy. You can even start as early as now. You’ll only need a few things. Here they are:

1. Desktop or Laptop

The pandemic led us deeper into the tech world. As schools and offices close, people were forced to do things remotely. PCs and laptops became the work hubs. Naturally, a home office won’t be complete without them.

If you already have a PC or laptop, you’re good to go. Unfortunately, in case you don’t, you might find it harder to get one now. Since demand for these devices spiked up, you’re likely to encounter higher prices on the market.

But if you’re willing to let go of some cash, then the price is the least of your concern. Just make sure to get something that’ll work best for you. You might want to invest in having a laptop with Intel Core i5 or higher. Consider also having bigger RAM (at least 8 GB). Having these specs can allow you to multitask without frequent crashes or lags.

2. Chair and table

You can’t feel the office vibe without the typical office setup. And yes, this must include the chair and table. Unlike the dreary ones you have at work, you can go some for something trendier. Get colorful tables. Choose chairs with funky designs. This will give you the creative boost you need.

Ergonomic designs are also recommended. These refer to pieces of furniture designed for productivity and comfort. Remember the backaches from working all day? Or the annoying stiff necks? You can ditch those through ergonomic office furniture.

For a friendlier vibe, try placing flower pots on your desk. Seeing green once in a while can help. Just make sure it won’t take up much space. You might also consider getting tables with attached drawers. This will help maximize your available space.

3. Cooling device


Your work area temperature affects you more than you think. Workers must be mindful of their work setting. Believe it or not, temperature and productivity are tightly related. Hot areas are especially no-go.

When it’s too hot, you’re likely to become dehydrated. This leads to diminished cognitive abilities. This is why you’ll likely feel sluggish when in hot areas. You’ll also tend to sleep more.

Cooling devices, such as fans and ACs, can help you ditch these problems. You might also want to get mini fans for your PC or laptop. You can buy fans or book air-conditioning solutions online.

4. Desk Lamp

Lamps are often overlooked but are necessary, especially if you tend to work overnight. They’re not just convenient but also less invasive. Since they only light up a limited area, turning them on won’t disturb the other people in the room. They often have adjustable necks, too.

If you don’t have one yet, going for a LED lamp is a good option. They last longer and produce less heat. They also add a nice element to your home office.

5. Wi-Fi Repeater

The location of your home office is important. Since work is mostly done online, you’d want to have decent Wi-Fi network coverage. If your room is far from the router, a Wi-Fi repeater can save you from signal problems. This device works to extend Wi-Fi network coverage.

Luckily, a Wi-Fi repeater is very easy to install. You can just plug it into a power source. Connect the device to your laptop via a cable, and log on to your existing Wi-Fi network.

6. Noise-canceling headphones

Gone were the days of face-to-face workshops and meetings. The shift to remote work led to online Zoom meetings. Naturally, you’ll want to get the most out of these online sessions.

Since you’re at home, there’s no cubicle to separate you from the others. And you can’t just limit your family’s every move either. You’ll likely encounter unwanted noise and distractions.

This is where noise-canceling headphones enter the scene. They are made to block background noises. This will allow you to go on with your meetings without unnecessary interruptions. You can also take advantage of this device if you want to focus on your tasks without distraction.

Excited to have a workspace at home? Turn your room into the perfect home office. Set up your dream work spot with these WFH essentials.

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