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What Safe Outdoor Activities Can You Do With the Whole Family?

These unprecedented times made everyone, including our little ones, in mental distress. With all the issues surrounding the world and our own problems mingling together, we all could use a break from the harsh reality. What better way to do this with the family ones than with a couple of exciting outdoor activities? Note that parents are not the only ones stressed out mid-pandemic.   Kids, too, deserve to go with us outside and have fun instead of simply basking in sunlight by their bedroom window or out in the backyard. Here are some safe activities you can consider for a fun day outdoors while keeping the safety precautions in mind.


During the crisis, all sorts of boat sales surged. This is since many people found boating to be an incredibly amazing outdoor activity they can safely do while social distancing. The best part is that there are so many fun activities the whole family can try that can help boost one’s physical and mental health.

You don’t need to buy your own boat. There are lots of powerboat rental services that will fit your group. This saves you lots of cash from buying, maintaining the boat, and acquiring a boating license.

Renting saves you the hassle of towing your boat from home to your destination just to have a good time. There is no need to worry about where you can store the boat. You also save yourself the investment if you don’t plan on boating multiple times each year.

When boating, everyone in the family can do their own thing. One can take great pictures of nature, go scuba diving, swimming, or even bring their hobbies with them. You can go fishing, explore new places, and even get to know the locals’ culture if you went to visit another country.

Dry Camping

Camper van

Camping your way through the pandemic can help get your family in sync with nature. Note that it a must that you find a camping site that is not crowded. Thankfully, many private landowners are opening up their land to accommodate dry campers.

Dry camping, in a sense, is using your car, RV, or any vehicle to go off-grid and camp around. This can be a big challenge for you and your family since you will need to conserve food, water, and energy to dry camp. But it can be a fulfilling experience if you plan to do a bit of traveling on an RV.

Private landowners offer their property for a fee that allows dry campers to save money. This helps you save more money compared to camping on campgrounds or RV parks. You can end up finding lesser-known places yet to be explored by many people.

Scavenger Hunt

If you have no plans to go out of town, why not set up a scavenger hunt where the whole family can join in? You can use this excuse to get the kids out and have fun under the sun. If you plan on inviting other kids, make sure to talk to their parents first and plan how to keep contact to a minimum.

It is best to keep the group small to avoid close contact. Create a list of things they can find around the neighborhood without disturbing your neighbors or other people in the park. You can hide trinkets ahead of time.

If you plan on hiding some items in your neighbor’s front yard, make sure to ask for their permission first. It is best to create a map, leave clues around, and make it into a group effort to make sure no one gets left behind. Have hand sanitizers, drinks, and snacks ready in case the kids get tired and hungry.

Visit a National Park

If your kids love nature, they would love to go to a national park with you. A nature reserve is a great way to enjoy a whole day being surrounded by nature. You and the whole family can go hiking, biking, exploring various sceneries, and even interact with wildlife.

Your kids who love taking pictures would be thrilled to find awe-inspiring views they can photograph. They have lots of photos to share on their social media account. They might even consider taking nature photography as a hobby.

Make sure you check a national park’s website before going. This will give you an idea of what COVID-19 measures are being observed and if they are doing everything they can to keep their visitors safe. Be sure to bring your best gear, travel light, and plan your day ahead of time.

There are tons of outdoor activities worth engaging in the middle of the pandemic. Make sure to consider the age of your kids to ensure they are safe to go to your destination. Make sure to practice health and safety protocols while having fun outdoors.

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