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Where to Practice Yoga When You Can’t Go to the Studio

Recent surveys reveal that there over 28 million Americans doing yoga from 2008 to 2018. This exercise’s popularity continues to rise, as many people are exploring other ways of staying fit physically and mentally. Can you imagine how many studios must be built to accommodate this tremendous number of people?

These studios are only useful when you live nearby and when it is not jam-packed. What if you are traveling for a few weeks and without access to a studio? Or what if the studio you used to go to started to get too crowded? Should you postpone yoga?

Fortunately, yoga practice is not limited to the studio only. Practicing yoga outdoors can offer more benefits than any other studio. So canceling is unnecessary and should not be an option. Here are ideal spots to practice yoga in the absence of a studio:

A view of nature

Yoga is born to help people become more in tune with themselves and more aligned with nature. That is why practicing yoga outdoors makes a lot of sense. The great outdoors has the power to awaken your senses, that is why when you see splendid natural scenery, your mood instantly improves, and you suddenly feel calm and peaceful. This scenery includes waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, and even gardens. All of these can be an excellent backdrop for your yoga practice.

So if you are exploring the outdoors the whole summer, finding a great spot to do your yoga should not give you a hard time. Furthermore, it does not have to be far from home all the time; you can even do it AT home. If your house is built facing the sunrise, that should be a stunning view to do yoga. Grab that opportunity and position your yoga mat on an elevated area, such as balcony or rooftop decks.

If you do not have one, consider asking around for custom deck builders and have it done. A deck is not only an excellent platform for yoga, but it also makes a great addition to your house’s exterior design.

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The beach

There is nothing like the sound of the waves crashing into the shore and the cool sea breeze blowing from the sea toward you while you do the ‘warrior pose’. The beach is a marvelous location to practice yoga. The sound of the ocean, the sight of the horizon, the smell of the sea, and the feel of the wind can trigger the parts of the brain that lessen stress and improve mood. If you are looking to advance your yoga practice, the beach can be an excellent choice. The sand can offer benefits and opportunities that you can not get on a studio’s hard, flat surface.

For instance, you could use beach sand. Standing on the sand alone can already relieve stress. Yoga-wise, the body will be pushed to work harder because of its unstable surface. The sand is much gentler on your joints because it can absorb shock better than the wooden floors. Finally, yoga on the sand can improve your core strength and stability better than any other yoga class in a studio. Every time your feet sink deeper into the sand, your muscles will have to work double than the usual to compromise for the lost balance.

 On a tree log

If you feel that you are starting to outgrow the basic yoga poses in a conventional setting, try doing it on a fallen tree log. Just like the sandy beach, it can provide more challenges that will enhance your strength and balance. If you are taking a walk in a national park, chances are you will come across a tree log horizontally resting on the ground. Take that as a chance to up your yoga game.

Take off your shoes and set your bare feet on top of the rough surface of a fallen tree log. Make sure the log is firmly set on the ground and is sturdy enough to hold your weight. Once you are all set, you may enjoy yoga surrounded by nature, with the sound of the chirping birds.

Not having access to a studio nearby should be the least of your problems. Yoga is all about finding your center while reconnecting with the earth. So go ahead and take advantage of the outdoors. It can help you ease stress-related problems, increase positivity, and renew energy way better than the four walls. These are just a few ideas where you can practice your yoga. Do not limit yourself because yoga can be done anywhere.

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