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Why Convert an Office Basement into a Common Area

Space is an important commodity in any office building. You have seen how your employees try to squeeze themselves into tiny offices and even tinier cubicles. Your creative team is trying their best to work in the corner of a room. Your human resources department is making do with converted areas for interviewing prospective clients. Although you have allowed some of your employees to work from home, it seems that there is not enough space for everyone.

But hey, you’ve got a pretty big basement. Why not call a basement finishing company in Utah or other cities and see what they can do about it? Not only do your employees need ample space to do their jobs, but they also need common areas to bond with their co-workers and let off steam when it’s a particularly bad day at work.


Do you have a common area in your office? Is the space enough to accommodate all your workers? Do some of them have to eat their lunches in their cubicles because there’s not enough room in the common area? You’re stressing them out because they’ll have to think about finding a space where to have their coffee every morning. They deserve better than that. You can redesign your basement to accommodate a large lounge for your employees. Make sure that there are comfortable chairs and tables. Make this room as comfortable as possible for them.

Game Room

How about a game room? You can put table tennis, arcade games, and a Playstation area in one corner of the room. This is a great way for people to bond. They will appreciate the gesture, too. How many employers can you find investing in things that will actually make their employees happy? Not too many. You’ll discover that your employees are more productive when they are happier. Giving them the chance to let off steam during break hours will make them more efficient with their jobs.

game room

Fitness Center

If you want to take care of your employees, you will find a way to incorporate a gym or fitness center in your office building. They need to take care of their physical health. If they are sitting all day in the offices, they will most likely develop health problems. Try to incentivize them if they take the time to run on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. Invite also yoga instructors to teach them how to meditate. This is a great way to relieve themselves of stress and anxiety, both of which can cause depression.


You may also prefer to convert your basement into a cafeteria. Whether you will profit from it or not, make sure that it will provide healthy meal options for your employees. Try to design the cafeteria as you would a coffee shop. You want your employees to feel relaxed during break hours. These are the only hours in the office that they look forward to. You can provide a bit of solace to them by making sure the cafeteria is homey and comfortable.

When you think about how to maximize the space in your office building, prioritize how your people are going to feel about it. This isn’t just about money and clients. It’s about making sure your employees are happy and contented. A happy workforce will lead to improved productivity.

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