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Why You Should Go Cashless

In the age of the Internet, financial transactions have never been easier. You can buy anything — shoes, meals, furniture — without stepping outside. All you need is a smartphone and a decent Wi-Fi connection, and you can buy, sell, or even auction off an item. Because of technology, you can now live without using cash.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, here are a few reasons you should go cashless:

It’s Easy and Convenient

To go cashless, you don’t even need to get a credit card. You can use your savings or checking account for any transaction. If you don’t have a bank account, you can open up now online without any charge. You just need to provide a government-issued ID and your Social Security Number. But try to fill out the application form when you’re alone or at home. It may be unlikely, but someone might steal your information if they see you typing your data in a public area.

It Can Help You Save More

It might seem far-fetched because cashless transactions make purchases easier and faster. But going without cash can help you build your savings by leaving a digital trail. Even by using a budgeting app, it’s hard to remember every transaction you’ve had, not to mention the amount of time it takes to plot every purchase. By going cashless, you can always track your spending, so it’s easier to plan and follow a budget. You can see the areas where you should spend less and find opportunities for bigger savings.

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It’s More Sanitary

Now more than ever is the best time to be specially clean. One of the dirtiest things you’ll encounter on a daily basis is cash. Paper bills and coins have likely touched countless hands and surfaces before ever reaching you. In fact, studies have found traces of animal DNA, mouth microbes, and even cocaine on dollar bills. Your skin might even improve by going cashless. The most common types of bacteria found on money causes acne.

If you switch to cashless, you have more control of your hygiene and the bacteria you encounter. While no one cleans their money, you can disinfect your cards and your phone.

It’s Secure

If you’ve dropped a $20 bill on the street or accidentally left your money at a cafe, chances are that they’re gone forever. On the other hand, if your bank account details have been stolen, you have a fighting chance. Your bank can reimburse you for your losses, and the thief can be traced.

To guard yourself against fraud, dedicate a different password for each account. You can use a password manager or a notebook to help you remember them. You should also change your password every few months. Also, make sure that you enable two-factor authentication if your bank offers it. It can come in the form of a text or an app, which can save you from a potential hack.

Among the best things about technology is the convenience it brings. You don’t have to waste your time standing in long lines to pay your bills or touch dirty money if you don’t want to. By going cashless, you can make your transactions faster, easier, and cleaner.

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