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5 Things People Love About Winters in Iowa

Iowans aren’t going to be slowed down by the cold weather, slush on the roadways, or shorter days in the winter. There are many ways to stay warm and entertained throughout the year.

If you are the adventurous type and you enjoy things such as ice climbing watching the snow fall to the ground, Iowa has got you covered.

This is why we are going to have a look at 5 of the top reasons why we absolutely love our winters in Iowa.

Sundown Mountain Resort Skiing

Whether you are a newbie in the sacred art of skiing or a black-diamond seasoned pro, Sundown in Dubuque, Iowa, is the perfect place to try out the pizza-pie, french-fry move.

Expect no avalanche hazard or long lift lines at Sundown, but do come prepared to have a good time on Sundown’s 21 varied slopes. It’s also never a bad idea to get some of the world-famous hot chocolate or a chili dog at the nearby North Lodge.

This sledding slope can sap the energy out of even the most seasoned snow travelers with a few banked turns and a long trek back up the hill. While you’re there, take advantage of the possibilities to go snowshoeing or stay in a hotel.

However, you may be luck out of snow removal problems if you stay in a single-story apartment. That is when you need commercial snow removal in Iowa city. You can find some of the best landscape artists and contractors in the area.

Backbone State Park is a Great Place to Camp.

Everybody loves camping and at Backbone State Park in Dundee, Iowa, you would no doubt have a wholesome experience doing so, however, if you happen to visit during the winter, you would have memories that would last you a lifetime.

Don’t worry about pitching your tent in the snowbanks; Backbone State Area offers 16 heated cabins available to rent throughout the winter, ensuring you keep toasty while exploring the park on snowshoes or skis.

Twelve of the cabins can comfortably sleep four people, while the remaining four cabins are designated as “deluxe” and may sleep up to nine people.

Go Crazy by Snowmobiling the Snow Pioneers Trail System

When the snow begins to fall in Iowa, there are many locations to go snowmobiling, but few routes compare to the Snow Pioneers of Northeastern Iowa’s trail system.

This trail system, in addition to being well-kept, connects up across this part of the state, providing access to not just some of Iowa’s most picturesque, mountainous areas, but also to many of the tiny communities and quaint towns that characterize much of the state.

There are several good ice fishing sites in Iowa, but the catches at Big Spirit Lake in Dickinson County’s northern corner make it one of the best. So if you decide to go all out with a temporary tent and stove,  or decide to keep it lowkey with just a bucket and an ice drill, everything would still be A-okay.

Jester Park’s Sleigh Ride

North of the state capital of Des Moines, Jester Park is notable for giving exciting sleigh rides which would make you enjoy the complete winter experience in Iowa.

No doubt, it has a more right feeling during Christmas, but still, the joy of being moved around by elegant horses remains the same so long as it is winter.

This popular Christmas event requires reservations, and while blankets and rugs are supplied, it’s best to dress warmly for this mid-winter event. With this drive-through display, Altoona comes alive, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your tour..

Snowshoeing at Pikes Peak State Park

While there are several places to select from in Iowa for your snowshoeing excursions, Pikes Peak may have the greatest views such as the limestone cliffs and like that’s not enough, from here you can see the confluence of the great river Mississippi and Wisconsin river.

This trip will be a snow-fueled adventure you’ll never forget if you do it in the winter with your snowshoes on firmly.

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, everyone’s thoughts are on holiday preparations. Take a break from the mall crowds and lines and join your family for a winter adventure unlike any other in Iowa.

Any of the following locations will bring holiday happiness of winter wonder to your heart, and you’ll be sure to build lasting memories with anyone you bring along.

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