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Yes, a Termite-Damaged House Can Be Your Dream Home

As a homebuyer, and aspiring homeowner, you want your Virginia Beach home clean and in perfect condition. As such, you probably peruse promising homes which place you at ease as a purchaser. When you come across a house to your liking but has termite damage, it’s a shame, and you’ll probably move on to other homes, however, it may be the case that that dream home could still be for you.

Your Dream Behind the Damage

Hope still exists for your dream home even if the house you like has damage from termites. You will have to take time, effort, and resources to reverse the damage and protect against future threats, yet when you find the perfect house for you, such costs will be more than worth the hassle. What do you have to do?

Have the House Inspected

First of all, you need to get termite inspection professionals in Virginia Beach to search for signs of infestation. You can usually identify the presence of these pests when you find mud tubes on the foundation of the house. Tap on wooden parts of the house too; when you hear a hollow sound back, the wood may have been eaten by the pests already. Beside window sills and doors, you may also find wings left by the pests. Lastly, frass, grainy wood-like droppings, may accumulate near wooden fixtures too.

Although the signs above give you indications of an infestation, you will only understand the extent of it after a professional check-up. Pest professionals will specifically find and gauge how much damage your house pick has actually sustained. Once a report has returned and you know what you are up against, you can proceed with the next step.

Negotiate for Repairs

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Now, who will pay for the repairs of the house if you want to proceed with the sale? To protect yourself, you can negotiate a contingency with your seller, in order to give you an out from the purchase contract without incurring a penalty. Otherwise, you can negotiate for your seller to tent the property, fix the damage, and leave you receipts.

Repair Costs

Damage repairs to an infested house can reach anywhere around $1,200 to $2,500. A larger house and more damage will probably cost more. Other factors also include structural damage and the experience of your pest repair specialists.

Walk Away or Negotiate More

All is well and good if the seller gives in to your demand to fix the house, but what if he or she refuses? You can simply walk away from your purchase contract, free from a penalty, if you added a contingency as you were told earlier. Otherwise, when you truly and deeply want to acquire the property, you can negotiate further. For example, have the seller pay for the repairs on credit, which would be applied toward the closing costs on your purchase. Find terms which both you and your seller would agree to that would make everyone happy.

You can restore the termite-damaged house you like to its former glory and protect it from future infestations. As long as you are patient and realistic, you will find your dream home.

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