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Yes, Absolutely, Yoga Is for Everyone

Are you curious why a friend suddenly became into yoga so much? You didn’t think this friend will fall in love with the idea of doing yoga since he/she has always been a kind of happy-go-lucky, party-until-midnight individual. So, what happened? If you ask this friend, you’ll be surprised that like you, he/she is simply looking for a way to relax his/her mind. Everyone wants calmness and peace. There are so many things happening in our lives—from pandemics, climate change, office politics, to personal issues. Sometimes, don’t you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions? That’s how it feels like for a majority of people in the past year.

All over the world, mental health experts are sounding the alarm. Suicide rates are up. Children as young as five years old are being diagnosed with depression. And why not? Thanks to social media, social stigmas, and a host of other end-of-the-world scenarios, people are wondering how far they can go amid this rubble.

If you’ve heard about or know someone doing yoga, you will notice a certain calmness around that person. Does that mean yogis are not concerned about the world around them? No. On contrary, they are well-aware of these things, but they’ve learned the art of processing these emotions without needing to be self-destructive.

The common misconception is that yoga is only for women. But why do you think a lot of men are also investing in health and wellness franchise opportunities that include yoga? Why do you think that yoga is being offered even in manly man’s gyms? Male athletes have been doing yoga, too, and it works for them. Just ask Novak Djokovic, who is on track to be the second man since Rod Laver to achieve the calendar-year Grand Slam.

There Are Classes for Everyone

The common things you hear about people who refuse to do yoga are that they’re overweight, inflexible, and have no balance. While it is true that yoga is about flexibility and balance, that does not mean the teacher will force you to do poses your body is not prepared for. There is a yoga class for everyone. A beginner’s class will teach you simple poses that you have to bear and hold for minutes. These classes are designed to build flexibility, strength, and stability. Slowly, you can transition to more advanced classes.

woman doing yoga

Yoga Relieves Stress

Men, women, non-binaries, gays, lesbians, transgender, transvestite… no matter how you identify yourself, you have encountered stressful situations in your life. Sometimes, you want to get out of the house, out of the city, and return when you’re mentally and emotionally okay. But things don’t work this way. You can’t leave families and work behind. The easiest way to relieve yourself of stress is to practice yoga and meditation. You need to be mindful of where you are—take deep breaths and relax your parasympathetic nervous system. This will relieve tension and anxiety.

Strengthen the Body

There’s another misconception about yoga aside from it being hard—that it is easy. It is not. After your first try, you’ll be surprised how difficult it can be if you put your mind to it. You will feel your body ache before it slowly recuperates and adjusts to the yoga poses. Yoga can be tough, but it’s the good kind of tough. Remember that you have to support your own weight when doing yoga. You are basically carrying yourself, so that builds strength and muscles.

Connect to Yourself

Sometimes, people tend to focus more on their relationships with others than with themselves. This is wrong. Value the connection you have with yourself. Tune in to your inner voice. Yoga is non-competitive. You don’t have to compete with other yogis over who can do more poses. It’s about your own journey. The more you trust yourself on that mat, the more that you will be authentic.

It Can Be Done Anywhere

The best thing about yoga is you can do it anywhere, anytime. Even if you travel, you can bring a yoga mat with you or buy a cheap one from a local store. Or, you can use a towel or the floor. With yoga, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Even your desk chair will do well for the poses.

It is life-changing to do yoga. It will not only clear your mind, but will also recharge and re-energize you. If you want to lose weight, yoga is a great exercise, too. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of gender, weight, lifestyle, and budget.

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