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Your Smart Guide to Restoring Old Homes

There are times when old is good. Whether you believe it or not, this belief is applicable to houses. This is especially true when it comes to heritage homes whose architectural styles are unique and truly classic. If you stumble upon such kind of property, you have a blank canvas to work on. You have a lot of room to exercise your creativity.

Just one word of caution, though. Restoring an old home is a big feat. Proper and practical planning is required so as not to damage the structural integrity of the house and significantly alter its aesthetics. You have a long list of activities to tackle. If you lack planning, you will certainly be wasting time, money, and energy.

Restoring an old home is applying all the renovations in one go. You have to keep in mind that this is an expensive undertaking. If you are looking for some pointers, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Have the home tested for dangerous materials

One of the first things you need to consider is the safety of the property. Old houses are usually made up of parts that are prohibited nowadays. For instance, a lot of heritage homes are built with asbestos to make some parts fireproof. Asbestos can cause a lot of health conditions. Radon is another chemical that may be present in your old home. Have the house tested before proceeding with any renovation activity to avoid disturbing these dangerous materials.

Deal with water damage

A lot of old homes usually have a water damage problem. This is another crucial problem to deal with, as it directly affects the foundations of your home. The moisture does not only soften the soil around the foundations, but it can also increase humidity at your home. High humidity attracts pests, such as molds, mildews, and bugs. Working with a company that offers water damage cleanup services in Denver, Co, is a must.

Avoid going for DIY

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Some shows on HGTV may inspire you to do everything on your own. Well, you can do it if you are a contractor or an interior designer who can get reliable help. Otherwise, do not attempt it. You aren’t a specialist. You may end up damaging the house or endangering yourself and your family.

Start with the essential parts

When rebuilding the home, it is not required that you do everything all at once. You can do it by phases. Should you decide to take this route, you may want to start with the essential parts, mostly the foundations. Rebuild and repair the walls, the roof, and the windows.

A historic or old home can be a treasure trove of beauty or a box of nightmares. If you want to turn it into a masterpiece, you have to understand that there will be a lot of work involved. Knowing this, you should be in your master planner mode, covering every detail and making sure you will not miss any area. If you carefully focus on all the essentials, you will be able to minimize the number of expensive errors.

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