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Achievement Unlocked: How Do I Reward Myself After Reaching My Goal?

A good way to motivate ourselves to pursue and reach our goals is to promise ourselves a reward. Self-control and discipline would be crucial in this case because having full control of our situation may lead to our resolves crumbling easily, and we’d end up grabbing that reward even without completing our goals yet. Blatant cheating, that’s true; but it can happen.

The practice of delayed gratification isn’t easy for many because societal norms promote the use of “band-aid” solutions and temporary comforts to ease whatever difficulties we’re facing at the moment. Patience is no longer as valued, so more people are losing self-discipline and resorting to instant solutions just to feel instant pleasures. Little do they know, the rewards are bigger if only they’ve waited.

That said, here are some ways to reward yourself after attaining your goals:

1. Dine Out

Dining out may seem something you can do anytime, but if it’s hurting your budget, then consider completing a financial goal before asking your friends out to eat. If you have a UOB card in Singapore, you can be eligible for exclusive UOB card dining promotion deals in various restaurants. Enjoy these perks with your friends and relish guilt-free spending because you’ve just reached a financial goal.

2. Get a Facial or a Spa

A relaxing facial or spa session is something you truly deserve after working hard to achieve your goals. Look for all-inclusive packages, so you can enjoy multiple services such as a sauna, workout, full-body massage, and Jacuzzi. Avail the tasty complimentary snacks and drinks afterward.

3. Go on a Vacation

Just like a spa, vacations are also relaxing. After completing a major accomplishment at work or in your business, take a much-needed leave and go somewhere you’ve been wanting to be at.

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4. Take a Full Day Off

Sometimes, the best reward is just to relax and do nothing. List down any unfinished tasks, so your mind can be at peace while you enjoy a full day off. When you go back to work, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to set new goals.

5. Buy the Item You’ve Been Eyeing on

If you’ve been diligently racking up your savings, chances are you’re after a certain luxury item. When you finally hit the amount that can already afford you to buy it, withdraw the cash and splurge. You’ve earned it after resisting the temptation of using your credit card.

How to Master Self-Discipline

As mentioned, self-control and discipline are crucial when promising a reward for yourself. To achieve unrelenting self-discipline, set clear goals and determine what success really means to you. This will help you stay on track and remain focused on completing your goals.

It would also be helpful to get rid of temptations around you. If you want to be promoted at work, for example, increase your productivity by disconnecting your smartphone to the internet while you’re in the office. If you want to lose weight, don’t buy any junk food. Say no to something that tempts you to ruin your self-discipline.

If your goals seem to feel too unrealistic or unreachable, break them down into smaller and doable steps so you can track your progress easier. Aiming for a goal without a clear path is indeed overwhelming, so take baby steps if you must. Maintain the habit of finishing one step each time, so that by the time your goals are completed, you can go for that reward and set new goals again.

Delayed gratification isn’t easy and you’d face countless temptations and dissatisfaction many times. However, if you set your mind on the grander rewards, self-control and discipline will become instinctual to you, so you’d less likely be swayed by the prospects of instant rewards.

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