Self-Confidence Issues: Gaining the Motivation to Get It Back

Eating disorders are more than just a problem with one’s dining habits. They’re often issues that are related with one’s poor self-image and a lack of confidence. Part of treating them is addressing this underlying problem, and part of the solution is one’s will to get their life back on track.

How do you start changing the situation and gaining the necessary motivation so that you could get your trust in yourself back? You can begin by keeping these crucial points in mind.

Plan Then Start

Starting is always the hardest part of doing pretty much any activity that you’re not very familiar with doing. This includes getting the motivation to regain your self-confidence and eventually recovering from the eating disorder that you’re suffering from.

If you’re struggling with anorexia or bulimia a recovery plan is always good to lay out first. After that, you just start and see what happens. If you wait until you’re “in the mood” or you “feel like it”, you might end up not starting at all and taken over by anxiety.

Take it a Little at a Time

Even with a good start, it can still be overwhelming to try to take on large goals at first, and failing to reach them in the time frame that you’ve established can set you back. If you find that this is the case, then try to break the process down into manageable steps.

You’ll find that it will be easier to reach your goal and realize that it’s all easier than you first thought. For example, you can set a series of simple actions and activities that you can check off every day instead of per week.

Get a Support Group

hot dude in a support group

Remember that you’re not totally alone in your struggle. Not only are there friends and family around, there are also others who are suffering in a similar way that you are. Look for a support group in your area that you can join and belong with.

At the same time, try to avoid the people who will try to put you down than lift you up. You have the choice to surround yourself with individuals who love and respect you, so make use of it.

Avoid Beating Yourself Up

It can already feel difficult for you to start and do the various activities that you need to in your treatment plan. It can even be more so when your tendency is to beat yourself up when you fail to do something properly. Instead of putting yourself down, remind yourself that you’re still in the process of recovery and of change.

Aim your thoughts toward what you can learn from your experience and what you can do better next time.

Finding the reason and drive to be more confident in yourself and eventually recover from your eating disorder can be difficult, but not impossible. The most important point to remember is that it all depends on you and your determination. Without it, any intervention from other people won’t be of any use.

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