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How Brands Are Catching Attention off The Internet

It feels like everything is on the internet nowadays, but how do brands reach their consumers beyond the web? There are actually a ton of more direct ways to reach an audience and capture their attention in the midst of the busy modern landscape.

  • You’ve got mail

Direct mail marketing has been a great option for companies that want to establish a distinct line of contact to their audience. Consumers are directly targeted with offers and promotions that are already catering to their tastes and have a more in-depth representation of the brand.

This method can effectively capture a consumer’s attention with the right design and is more cost-efficient since it can be done in bulk. It also provides a direct line that ensures a response will easily be tracked. This makes it a great option for feeling the market’s response to any advertisement and campaigns clearly.

Direct mail marketing also has an interactive nature in that it can not only be kept by the recipient (thus standing as a constant reminder of the brand) but also can be used as a redeemable item that contains links to other content or has codes that can be used for discounts, promos, and the like.

  • Toeing the line

Going above the line and below the line in marketing remains a tried and tested way of getting through to consumer’s minds in other ways that permeate daily lifestyles.

Above the line, viral campaigns often stem from popular commercials and print media that can get the attention of even consumers who aren’t already loyal or familiar with the brand. It’s a good way to maintain relevance and introduce products to the market.

Below the line, marketers are able to hone in on their core demographics and really cater to them in their media. While this can cover traditional materials that are all around, it also goes beyond that with pop-up shops, events, and promos that engage consumers and make them want to further delve into the brand.

Even competitions sponsored by the brand are a great way of ramping up interest in what the brand has to offer while spreading its name.

  • Making it ‘pop’

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Hitting the point of purchase is a surefire way of hooking in people who are already ready to put their money into something. While this can also be achieved online, POP marketing can turn a passerby with a wandering eye into a paying customer just like that.

This reestablishes messages to familiar consumers but also gives a quick and eye-catching “hello” to those who may be in the market or something else entirely. By hitting an area where people are already looking to buy, it’s easier to entice someone into your product.

A good display can get someone to take a few minutes off their plans and actually make the move to interact with your product, even if it’s situated in a store filled with tons of other goods.

So, brands have a ton of ways to get their name out there even without the power of digital. It’s all in how you capture your audience.

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