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Opening Up Options: Adding a Sports Court to Your Backyard

If you have a large backyard, then there are some decisions you have to make about its use. One potential choice is you build a backyard court for your favorite sport. If you are very ambitious, you can even have a swimming pool put in. This provides your family and loved ones with a nice place to have fun during their free time.

It is not going to be easy to set up. You’ll need the help of a landscaper to arrange everything, while a good landscape lighting service would be nice if you want to use the court even at night. Here are some potential choices for your home that will be sure to please everyone.

Basketball Court

If you’re a big fan of basketball action, then a basketball court can be an impressive home addition. Many home players are happy enough with their driveway and a removable basketball hoop in their garage. The problem is a basketball court can be big. But if you have the money, a good half-court is pretty possible.

Regulation measurements for a half-court can vary, but the popular size is seven meters by four meters. You’ll have to decide on the hoop since regulation hoops might be too high for younger kids. The required height is ten feet or 305 centimeters for adults. You might decide to go lower than that to accommodate younger players.

Putting Green

Golf may seem to require big sprawling fields, but one of the most important parts requires only a small space. Putting is an essential skill, and practicing it would require only a small space. Practice greens allow players to develop control over the ball. You can hire a professional landscaper that works with your local golf course to do the job.

For those who have DIY skills, building it on your own is also possible. The problem is that it can require a higher level of maintenance than the other courts.

Badminton Court

Badminton courts can easily fit in your backyard since they measure around 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. The advantage of badminton over tennis is that it doesn’t need a special surface. Normal lawn turf should be enough, unlike the special clay or asphalt of a tennis court.

The only special thing you have to do for your backyard is to flatten it out so that you can have a good play area. Even the equipment can be removable if you want it to be. This is perfect if you want your backyard to have another purpose.


Street Hockey Rink

While ice hockey rinks are very much out of reach for the normal individual, it is possible to create a place to play some street hockey. The surface for play is pretty similar to the surface of a basketball court. If you already have plans for a backyard basketball court, consider making it for dual use with street hockey. You can keep the goal in storage when not in use.

Bocce Ball Court

Bocce is not exactly the new and hip thing to play, but it can be enjoyable. Like a large game of marbles, bocce is a fast and interesting sport that isn’t as physically demanding as the others on the list.

It is also a very simple play area to design and set up. It is technically a long flat area that has a boundary. The surface can be simple asphalt or even natural soil. The boundary can be simple concrete or even wood. Sizes can also be very variable, with some courts reaching 90 feet. But smaller courts can also be made for those with less space.

Horseshoe Pit

Throwing horseshoes might not sound exciting, but it has been a popular game for centuries. While you can play this without an actual pit, it is a lot more impressive to have one. The good thing about it is that horseshoe pits have very manageable sizes. The minimum size is 31 by 43 inches.

For throwing, the regulation is 40 feet, but for home play, you can lower that to whatever is comfortable for you. As for the pit construction, it is a simple sandbox. Build a simple wooden boundary and dig enough so that you can fill it with a few bags of good sand.

Investing in a sports court can be beneficial in several ways. For one, you will always have a place to practice. Parents of child athletes might like to have a personal area for training beyond the usual. Additionally, you can be assured that there will always be something to do during the summer. Finally, it can add a lot of value to a home when you finally plan to sell it.

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