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You Don’t Have to Suffer Water Damage in Your Home! Here’s What You Can Do

People often think that water damage is a seasonal problem and that they only need to protect their homes during certain times of the year. But, this is not true at all. Water damage is not only caused by the external influx of water by the melting snow or rain. It can also be caused by internal leakage through underground drains or leaky pipes. Water damage is considered the most costly repair work of a house. It can destroy carpets, rugs, and even furniture.

If you have wood flooring in your house, any kind of water damage could be more costly. You need to be more careful of the leakage problems as water is the biggest enemy of wood. The wood could warp and have visible stains, but it could also lead to mold and even insect infestations. These last two could affect your health and the rest of your home.

But is there a way to prepare for such an instance?

Get Your Insurance

Different policies cover different water-related damages. If you are a homeowner or a renter, you will have to look at what insurance policies cover your property. A few of them cover damages caused by a pipe burst, a few cover damages caused by the fall of water like rain or sprinklers that burst up. You can check with your insurance policy provider whether your house is covered by sewage and drain-related damages or not. Similarly, there is a separate policy for damages caused by floods and other natural disasters.

Have Your Plumbing Checked

A sensible way of saving yourself from extensive damage is keeping a check on all sorts of plumbing in your house. You can detect leakages early by keeping notice of the following;

  • Seals and caulking around taps and showerheads
  • Hoses that supply various parts of your home like the dishwasher in the kitchen or the washing machine
  • Rust on the pipes
  • Minor cracks in the piping system

By thorough drain cleaning, you can keep it clear from hair and debris so that the blockage does not increase and eventually flood the particular room. Fungi growth in the gutter can also account for the frequent blockage of your drainage.

Optimal Warmth In Pipes

In winter, when the temperature gets too cold, there is the possibility of the pipes getting frozen if the water flowing inside the pipes is not maintained warm enough. The freezing of pipes can result in damage such as cracks or breakage of the whole pipe itself. Warm water flowing through the pipes at all times will prevent your pipes from this damage. Even when you are away from home, you should keep the warm water flowing through the pipes or shut down the whole water system for that time being. Ideally, it is recommended to maintain a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

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Install Alarm Systems

There are now special alarm systems available that ring in case of water leakage. These systems work just the same as smoke detector systems. Wherever there is a leakage of water, the alarm will sense it and notify you. These can be installed anywhere from the basement to the kitchen to bathrooms or even the area where the washing machine is placed.

Know About Your Water System

If you don’t already know about your floor plan and how the water system is distributed in your house, you should learn about it first thing today. This way, you will know about each of the pipes and the main water supply connections. If you know where and how you can switch off the main water supply, it will get easier for you to stop the flow of water in case of any leakage.

Check On Your Roof

Check on your plumbing every day. In the same way, check your roof for any signs of damage. You can spot a discoloration in the paint or plaster, moisture seeping through, or even fungal growth near the edges. To make the roof leak-proof, renew the caulking around the edges and even around windows, as water can seep in through them too.

No one likes the thought of spending those extra bucks on repairs caused by water damage. But you need to save your house from floods or your possessions from getting drenched. You need to know the best solution against these, but the best is to know all about the problems and the preventions. The more you waterproof your house from external and internal means, the more you will be spared from spending too much on repair and renovation. Teach your children the importance of saving water, and they will never let the tap run after using the sink or the bath.

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