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Home Gym Makeover Ideas to Keep You Motivated

When fitness centers closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to do their exercising at home. This has led to a surge in demand for home gym makeovers and equipment. While many people already had this feature in their homes, most home gyms were tucked away in a dingy basement or a cluttered garage. But new trends have inspired people to rethink how they exercise at home.

Having a dedicated room to work out and one that’s designed well means that you’re putting fitness at the core of your lifestyle. It also comes with psychological benefits, as it could motivate you to work out every day and find ways to squeeze it into your busy schedule.

So whether you’re sticking to the basement or having an entire room converted into a home gym, here are some design tips you can follow to make sure you create a space that inspires you to hit your fitness goals and push your limits.

Choose the biggest room possible

Many homeowners reserve their basement or extra garage space to be used as an exercise room, and that’s OK. But basements and attics are typically parts of a house that are “out of sight, out of mind.” So by putting your home gym in these spots, there’s a big chance your workout routine will be put on the back burner.

If you have an extra room, say a second living room or guest room, you don’t often use, you may consider using this as your home gym. After all, deciding to get fit is a big commitment.

Keep it bright and open 

Rooms that are moody and cozy are great for things like reading, sleeping, and relaxing. And that’s not the kind of energy you want to have in a home gym. Fitness rooms should fundamentally be energizing and playful, and one way you can achieve this vibe is by opening up the room and keeping it bright.

To do so, paint the walls with bright colors and light-colored flooring. You can also install bigger windows to let the natural light in. If the room has a nice view, consider installing wall-to-ceiling glass windows. If these aren’t doable, you can install more lighting to keep the room bright. More importantly, don’t overcrowd it. About half of the room should be empty floor space for you to do stretches, yoga, and aerobics.

Make it visible 

If you have a hard time staying consistent with your fitness routine, it’s important to make your home gym visible. Simply seeing your treadmill or weights daily as you walk around the house is enough to inspire you to sweat it out. So don’t be ashamed to flaunt your exercise equipment if it helps you in the long run.

Pick the right colors

It’s common knowledge that colors directly influence mood, so if you’re aiming for a specific vibe, it’s important to pick the right colors. For a fitness gym, you’d want to go for colors that evoke life, energy, motivation, and health. These include green, blue, red, pink, and orange.

Make sure that your home gym’s colors reflect what type of exercises you’re planning to do. If you’re looking to practice yoga or tai chi, go for relaxing colors tan, beige, and coral. But if you want to stay motivated and energized, go for bolder colors instead.

Maintain the indoor air quality 

As a wellness room, your home gym should be a place that’s safe, clean, and comfortable. This is why it’s important to keep the room properly ventilated and at a temperature ideal for exercising. It’s good to have an air conditioner in the room if you live in a hot and arid climate or a humid subtropical region like Dallas. To keep you comfy while exercising during winter or cooler months, you can opt for heater rentals to avoid installing a permanent system that you’d only need a few times in the year.

Install a full-length mirror

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors that wrap the entire width of a room are a staple in fitness gyms, and for good reason. Being able to see yourself while working out not only keeps you motivated but also ensures you’re maintaining the proper form or following the proper technique at all times.

These features are also great if the space is tight and dark, as mirrors can reflect light throughout the room, making it look brighter. Mirrors also provide the illusion that the room is bigger.

Invest in a portable sound system

Music is a home gym mainstay. Whether it’s soothing, ambient music for yoga and meditation, or upbeat tunes for intense workouts, you need music to keep you motivated. If you follow virtual classes, you’d also need to hear the instructions clearly. So it’s a no-brainer to have a portable sound system that’s powerful enough to cover the whole room.

Creating a dedicated space to exercise is perhaps one of the best decisions you’ll ever make and an investment that will pay off tenfold.

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