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How Home Improvement Helps You Develop an Active Lifestyle

Home improvement was one of the things people did to pass the time during the stay-at-home orders in the past year. In fact, home remodeling projects boomed amid the pandemic; bathroom and kitchen makeovers took the home improvement industry by storm. Those with limited budgets didn’t sit out the party as well. They ventured into DIY home makeovers to spruce up their spaces.

When it comes to the wellness aspect of home improvement, we often talk about its mental health benefits. However, it has weight loss and fitness perks, too. Even daily household chores can make you break a sweat. As such, imagine how many calories you can shed if you repaint your whole home, for example.

How Home Improvement Helps You Get Back in Shape

No, creating a home gym isn’t the only way to make your home remodeling pay off in lost calories. While having fitness equipment at home really does help, home gyms aren’t typically budget friendly. If you’re fine with a bare space save for a yoga mat and some inexpensive equipment, a home gym isn’t necessary.

The fitness benefits of home improvement aren’t in the type of space you create. Rather, it’s in the task itself and how you use your spruced-up space. For example, if you extend your kitchen, that means you’ll have more room to move. That can help you make 10,000 steps a day! Similarly, if you add square footage to your yard, you can have a space for walking around or gardening.

DIY Home Improvement Projects That Can Shed off Extra Pounds

Any home improvement project can make you sweat, but the challenging ones can also tone your muscles. Below are some examples:

1. Frame Your Front Door

Adorning your front door with a frame, especially a millwork one, exercises your arms. The strain will be worth it because it’ll also make your home more attractive.

2. Restore Shine to Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors should be polished once a year. In high-traffic rooms, it should be every four to six months. If yours are overdue, head to the nearest hardware store and gather what you need. Then, do some warm-ups because your arms, back, and shoulders will be working a lot as you polish your floors.

shining hardwood floor

3. Repaint Walls or Cabinets

Repainting will also give your shoulders a workout. If you stand or bend over at times, your leg muscles will be engaged, too. While you’re at it, engage your core as well.

4. Install Modular Shelving Units

Additional storage is always a good idea. Installing them gives you some exercise, too. The task will also work out your arms, shoulders, and back, especially if you install floor-to-ceiling shelves.

5. Install Crown Molding

Likewise, this task will require you to put your hands up, exercising your shoulder and back muscles. Just be careful with the ladder.

6. Seal Cracks on the Driveway or Pavements

Even if your house is brand new, the concrete can still show thin cracks. Those are called “crazing,” which occurs when the concrete dried too quickly when it was poured. But don’t worry because it’s easily fixable. Just use a sealant to patch up the crack. If the concrete has asphalt, use a high-quality bitumen sealant for concrete joints and cracks. The task may not yield some muscle-toning benefits, but it’ll definitely break a sweat; making precise seals isn’t easy!

7. Gardening or Landscaping

Gardening or yard work can let you burn around 300 calories. That’s almost as much as the calories in your dinner the night before. Not only that, but the task can also lower your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and your risk of serious illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Of course, gardening gets you close to nature, helping you reduce stress and your risks for depression.

Unlike other home improvement tasks that you’d only do once in a while, gardening is a regular activity. As such, it allows you to have consistent physical activity. You’ll develop an exercise routine without even realizing it. Using a push mower every week, for example, lets you get a good “leg day.”

Helpful Reminders Before Sprucing Up Your Home to Get Fit

All of us have different metabolic rates, so you may lose calories faster than other people or vice-versa. In addition, losing weight requires commitment. After shedding off a layer of unwanted fat from making all those DIY home improvements, follow it up with a workout routine that’ll suit your body type and goals. Revamping your space just gives you the momentum to get back to or start an active lifestyle. It’s not a miracle solution to unwanted body fat.

However, when you start your DIY tasks, try not to focus on your fitness goals but on the result of your hard work. The real payoff of home improvement is a beautiful and more efficient space. Losing weight and toning your muscles are just a bonus.

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