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AI in Fitness: the Beginning of the New Golden Age of Fitness?

Due to the threat of the COVID-19, the public has been asked to stay away from enclosed spaces. According to a study, there is a higher chance of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus when you are in a room with little airflow. And, that includes the gym.

Gyms are slowly reopening while still keeping a mask on and social distancing. But we can’t tell if it is positive news or not. How can you be sure everything is properly sanitized? How do you know if the gym you are a member of keeps the aeration systems in check and does not neglect air duct cleaning once in a while? What if the duct is already clogged with dirt that blocks the air from coming in and out?

We truly are living in a time of uncertainty. You can’t blame people for asking too many questions because their lives are on the line.

Have you renewed your gym membership for 2021? Or are you still contemplating to do so? According to the survey done by TD Ameritrade, out of 2,000 respondents, 59 percent said they would not renew their gym memberships once the gyms have reopened. The main reason? They have found more affordable ways—thanks to COVID-19—to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. Can this be the start of a new fitness revolution?

Data from 2019 states that 21.2% of Americans belonged to a fitness studio or a health club. This means the priority of most Americans has leaned more on self-care and wellness. And then, the pandemic entered, and everything changed in a snap.

The Rise of AI-driven Fitness

Despite the unfortunate fate of the gym businesses, it is surprising to learn that people are finding their fitness goals easier to achieve than pre-Covid. If Freeletics, an AI-based fitness app, captured it correctly, a whopping 80% of men are exercising more now without gym membership than before COVID-19. This means we can be fitter without ever going to a gym.

The health and fitness industry has been modernized by the rise of artificial intelligence through our fitness mobile apps, wearable, and more gadgets that help us stay fit and healthy. AI-driven fitness isn’t so new, but it has played its biggest role ever since the coronavirus surge.

Smart Devices

The AI-driven fitness apps work along with fitness wearable. They can be your Apple Watch or your FitBit. Your AI-driven app collects data from these devices and will eventually detect signs of diabetes and heart problems. From these data, your app will recommend a fitness and lifestyle plan that is personalized for you.

Not only that, these smart wearables keep the time you have spent exercising, which measures your improvement. It is without a doubt an up for every fitness enthusiast’s game.

AI-based Personal Trainers

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing modern fitness programs through AI-based personal trainers. They are a mobile app powered by wearable devices and gadgets to check your posture as you exercise. They can give real-time feedback and correct you right away, yes, like a human trainer. These apps also offer personalized fitness and lifestyle plans.

AI-driven fitness apps are so powerful that an app called FitnessAI even claimed that its innovative algorithm would surely outperform any human trainer, as stated in the App Store.

Are Gyms Going Obsolete Soon?

The fitness industry continues to grow, but gyms struggle to stay relevant during this time of the pandemic. Just because gyms are closed now and more people are working out through their mobile apps does not mean people will stop wanting to sweat with their friends in an actual gym post-pandemic.

And besides, there are still many things only human personal trainers can offer. One of those is that they can coach you while you train at the weight bench. This means that AI can make us better but can never replace humans. AI-driven fitness is here to stay, and so are gyms and human trainers.

This technology has helped people accomplish their fitness goals without the need to risk their health by going to a crowded gym. AI in fitness has helped people become more active and resilient with their fitness intentions. And, living in a time when there is so much to worry about, this is something we can all commemorate.

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