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Help Your Home Stay Pandemic-free

There are a lot of questions about COVID-19 that remain unanswered. For instance, is the virus passed on through food? Are there things that the virus can transfer to? Households are gripped with fear as seemingly simple chores have turned complicated because of fear of the virus.

What is known about the virus is that it is spread through the respiratory droplets of a person infected with it. It can go through the mouth, nose, or eyes of people nearby. You need to make sure that the dentist doing your dental implant isn’t infected, as a touch to the mouth can transmit it. The good news, though, is that simple disinfectants can kill the virus.

Before you go overboard and buy every disinfectant you can get your hands on, here’s a deeper look at the virus and how you can continue to steer clear of it.

Practice Personal Hygiene, Even at Home

If you haven’t had much of a personal hygiene regimen before, now is the perfect time to start practicing it. Your personal hygiene is best done when you’re out and about — in a supermarket or at a diner. But when you’re at home, you should not let up and continue doing it.

You never know whether you’ve come across someone on the street with a bad case of the cold that turns out to be the virus or if you’ve encountered packages containing droplets of it. To keep your home clean and free of the virus, practice washing your hands.

Wipe the Floors with Disinfectant

When you’re at home, you may have invited visitors to come over. These may be people in close vicinity or relatives who only live the next house over. If they’re coming over, you’ll want to clean your home for when they arrive and after they’ve left.

Why after they’ve left? You never know whether they’re bringing the virus in after coming from the street. You should keep a mixture of disinfectant handy and your mop nearby. Just wipe the floors with an easy motion, or you can incorporate this cleaning tactic every time you’re into cleaning your home.

Remember the High-touch Surfaces

In your home, there are common surfaces that are touched frequently. These are the door handles and the tables and chairs, and everything else in between. Even computers, mobile gadgets, and other favorites are not spared from being possibly disease-carriers.

Dirty surfaces or ones you suspect have droplets on them must be cleaned with disinfectant sprays and be wiped with alcohol. Dilute household bleach into different concoctions to effectively use them in cleaning surfaces. Wipes dipped in solutions as simple as soap and water can also stop the possible spread in your home.

Clutter-free Spaces: Children’s Room

It’s easier to clean clutter-free spaces without all the items scattered about, isn’t it? That’s why, before you disinfect your work or study space, you should keep away everything. Keep all types of school supplies or work items kept away when cleaning. Use boxes to keep them or any safe, disinfected container.

You can also involve your kids in keeping the area clean. You should keep a space for everything to make the area as roomy as possible. This also helps keep the virus out of the home and your workstation (or school station) clean and ready to go anytime.

Clutter-free Spaces: Laundry area

laundry area

This is more like an inception-type thing since the laundry area is a place where you clean things. In the laundry area, you need to treat the stains on clothing immediately. If you leave that on the clothes for long, it’ll be hard to treat it when it goes into the wash. If you’re anxious about the virus on these clothes, you can also treat them with disinfectant once they go into the wash, if you so choose.

Clutter-free Spaces: Kitchen area

The kitchen can either be the cleanest or the worst area in your home. Many delicious meals can be made here and, at the same time, a lot of stains. A trick for making your kitchen easy to use is to slice and dice fruits and veggies and put them in ready-to-access containers so that they get eaten.

Cleaning the kitchen is almost the same as cleaning your room. You need to clear it of clutter first before disinfecting it.

You must develop cleanliness. That’s what you need to get a house that’s COVID-19-free and safe from any virus or stain. If you’re all into disinfecting, then you should first go all-in into being what some might call a ‘clean freak’ first.

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