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Staying Clean: Addiction Recovery Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

People have different reasons that lead to their addiction. Some were pressured by their peers. Others have families with a history of addiction. Some experimented and failed to stop themselves from getting addicted. No matter the cause, know that there is still hope for you to start recovering and forget about your dark past.

Recovery may sound like a sweet process, but in reality, this will be a very challenging task. You will face many consequences that you need to deal with on your own. It may hurt you, make you feel different kinds of emotions, and break you down. It will test you to your limits, and not knowing what each day will bring can only add to your anxiety. But the good news is that with patience and a strong will to recover, you can successfully make it through.

One of the most difficult times will be during your early recovery. You may think that you’re ready to face the world after your treatment. But facing life head-on won’t be that easy. To help you stay clean and sober during these challenging times, here are some things that you should avoid at all costs:

Saying no to sober living

It may seem like you are more than ready to go on with your life as a daughter, wife, or mother, for instance. But if you opt to skip the necessary sober living for women, you may end up relapsing faster than you might realize. Living within a community that allows you to create structure, positive relationships, and freedom is important. This can encourage you not to give in to the desire to go back to your addiction. You can even find friends in the process.

Failure to slow down

Even after a year or two of staying clean, it will not guarantee that you will never go back to your addiction. It is true that celebrating small victories are good. But that does not mean that you should hasten your recovery just for the sake of it. When it comes to sobriety, slow is better. This way, you can enjoy a calmer life, so take your time and enjoy each moment.


Caring too much about what others might think

There will be some people in your life who will doubt your ability to stay clean. Caring too much about what they think will only affect your will to stay sober. Don’t be afraid of what others would think. Focus on your goal, and stay with the people who are supportive of your sobriety.

Getting in a relationship asap

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone romantically. But for most people in their first year of staying sober, it can be hard to focus on your recovery if you are focused on someone else. It would be best to take care of yourself first. This way, you can stand stronger and avoid being vulnerable to relapse in case your relationship ends badly.

These are just five mistakes you will not want to make if you want to stay sober. You may have been through a lot because of your addiction. But know that there are more things you need to face before you can truly recover. The road will be a bumpy one, but all your sacrifices will be worth it.

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