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Why Staying Healthy is a Priority During This COVID-19 Pandemic

This health crisis the world is facing today is one that we haven’t seen ever. While certain outbreaks and pandemics have plagued mankind at different times in history, this is one that will stand out in history classes even centuries from now.

While there are still a lot of speculations about the virus and our knowledge about it is limited, we know for a fact that everyone can be infected by it, especially older adults and those with existing medical conditions, according to the CDC.

Get rid of germs.

Hand sanitizer

We understand that not everyone holed up at home are all in the pink of health. Perhaps some might be undergoing Lyme disease treatment in Salt Lake City while others may have allergic reactions to a variety of things.

Our primary weapon against any form of disease is the observance of proper hygiene. It is our best weapon to keep the dreaded virus at bay, on top of physical distancing.

If you are getting sick while under lockdown, it is best to keep your germs to yourself. Stay in your room and isolate until you get well. Do not risk other people’s health by spreading your germs all over the house which could cause them to get sick, too.

Remember that a body with a weakened immune system is the ideal host for the coronavirus.

Watch what you eat.

On top of observing proper hygiene and sanitizing surfaces and often-touched objects at home, there are other ways to ensure one stays healthy at home. This includes watching what you put in your mouth.

Good health starts in the kitchen. Eat more leafy greens. Switch to good fats. Drink plenty of water. Get rid of the junk. Okay, so you can indulge once in a while but don’t make it a habit.

Remember, what you put in your body will determine your physical condition so eat mindfully.

Move your body.

Exercise is great. It’s important for the body before the pandemic started, even more so now that it continues to wreak havoc everywhere.

A lot of people have excuses not to exercise at this time because the gyms and parks are off-limits to everyone. However, you don’t need to go to the fitness club to get in shape and stay fit.

A lot of material is accessible online for home exercise programs. Watch YouTube videos. Join online community dance or yoga classes. Work out using your own body weight.

Whatever you choose to do, get your body moving. Do your best to have daily physical activities to do. Exercise is not only good for our bodies but also our mental health.

Take care of your mental health.

Speaking of mental health, you would be surprised at the number of people struggling with depression and anxiety while they’re stuck at home. These may trigger other mental and psychological issues a person is already dealing with or if they’re on the brink of a mental breakdown, this lockdown has pushed them over the edge.

You must also look out for your mental health, especially at this time. It might help if you try to replicate some sort of normalcy from your routing before the lockdown.

Stick to a schedule. Get dressed for work if you have work. Eat meals and take your breaks on time. Step outside for a breath of fresh air (just don’t go outside your property). Get in touch with family and friends online or through video calls.

While these things may seem trivial, they help give you a sense of control over your life. They help calm you and take your mind off stressful things.

While we still face uncertainty about what the future holds for all of us, we need to be in our best form ever. Start building up healthy habits to reinforce your immune system.

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