Choosing a Charity Organization to Support

Think of a charity organization that you want to support. It’s hard, isn’t it? You want to support some United-Nations-backed organization because you are sure about its legitimacy. Still, you find yourself thinking that some other organizations need more help. You want to support a local charity, but you don’t know the people behind it. You’re afraid that your money will go to waste.

It wasn’t hard to choose a charity before. All you had to do is to write a check to the Salvation Army, and you were done with it. You pray and hope that the organizations use accountancy services for charities so that they can account for their donations better. But really, you’re leaving everything on the capable hands of the people behind the organizations. Once you write that check, you’re essentially powerless as to where that money will go.

People want to give to charities for different reasons. Many believe in the causes these organizations are representing. Others have been beneficiaries of similar programs and want to give back. Whatever your reason is for giving, you should be discerning of the charities that are going to receive your donations.

Identify the Causes You Believe In

What are the causes that you want to support? Is it animal rights? Perhaps it is the right of children to access education? Do you want to fight against poverty and malnutrition? Do you want to help in your country, or are there issues outside your country that speak to you? You need to zero in on the causes you believe in before you start choosing charities that deserve your help.

Evaluate the Organizations

Plenty of groups evaluate the legitimacy and the accuracy of the work of legitimate organizations. Read reports and news articles about these charities. Find out what they are working on. See if these are the same programs that speak to you. Look at the organization from top to bottom. Are they receiving support from companies or governments that are fishy to you? Have there been any scandals in the past about the way they’re handling the group’s finances?

Determine How You Want to Help

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You can donate regularly to a cause via checks and credit cards. You can volunteer your time . You can organize a fundraiser for the organization. Figure out how much time you have to dedicate to raising funds for the organization. If all you can do is to write a check every month, then that’s good, too. Every little help counts to furthering these organizations’ agendas.

Read Academic Papers

The goals of a charitable organization should be aligned with the results of academic and scientific research. Otherwise, they are wasting valuable time and money that could be redirected to other causes. Read up about the causes that they support. Find out if there is a “real need” to support these causes. You have every right to protect your hard-earned money.

Once you find the charity to support, remember that you don’t always have to support the same organization every month or year. If you feel that your priorities have shifted, find another cause to give to. The world will not lack people and organizations needing your help.

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