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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: What to Expect

Maybe you are exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety. But you shrug them off, thinking that they will just pass. Sometimes, it works; sometimes, not. There are times when the stress and anxiety that you feel is so bad to the point that it is crippling or paralyzing you. You may be prescribed with some medication, but medicines have their limit. If you want to have a more comprehensive approach to treating mental conditions, you may want to consider cognitive behavioral therapy.

Also known as CBT, it is a form of treatment that is founded on the belief that replacing negative thoughts can help you lead a healthier life. Replacing distressing thoughts with more positive and healthier responses is one of the main goals of CBT. This may sound quite complicated, but specialists have some ways and means to streamline such processes.

Before you find a CBT specialist in Westport, it pays to manage your expectations. Keep the following things in mind.

CBT addresses a wide range of issues

On the surface, CBT seems to address the usual mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. But it has a lot of other applications, which can benefit your life. There are some specialists who deal with phobias, trauma, and self-esteem issues. Moreover, CBT does not only deal with personal mental health conditions. It may also help you with your interpersonal relationship problems, which involve communication and expectations that are not aligned with each other.

CBT sessions are pretty straightforward


You may ask about how CBT sessions work. Well, these are pretty straightforward. The gist is that the therapist asks you about the things that stress you out and then, listens to you intently. They then identify the thoughts and behaviors that cause the problem. After the conversation, you and your therapist will come up with some plans on how you can unlearn and undo your negative thoughts and behaviors.

Some techniques complement CBT

CBT is not just a single treatment. It should be complemented with other behavior-based changes for you to maximize the results. For example, if your panic is triggered by too much caffeine intake, your therapist will recommend that you reduce your coffee consumption or stop drinking altogether. Journaling your thoughts will also allow you to see some patterns, thus making mindful thinking much easier for you.

Your insurance may cover it

Undergoing CBT has a price tag, and it depends on your case or the specialist you are talking to. But do not stress out yet. Most therapies are covered by medical insurance. Before you undergo therapy, you may want to find out first with your insurance provider if CBT costs can be covered.

Sometimes, negative thoughts happen spontaneously. But you should not ruminate over them, as they would just get worse. You have to remember that these thoughts are just thoughts. They will not define you unless you already act on them. If you want to have a healthier mind, seek the help of a reliable CBT specialist. Experts who specialize in this have ways to help you reframe your thoughts.

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