Thinking of a Vacation? Make Utah Your Destination

If you’re planning to go on a vacation, you’ve got many options available. Why not go somewhere unique, though? Utah is best known for being a winter destination since it has some great skiing spots, but it can offer more than that.

Here is a quick list of some vacation spots in the state that you should give a try:

Zion National Park

Utah has five national parks but the best one is Zion National Park. This is mainly because of the Zion Canyon. Not as well-known as the Grand Canyon in nearby Arizona, this natural formation is a beautiful location filled with incredible biodiversity. There also multiple locations in the park that will make your trip worth it.

Tours of Zion National Park would not be complete unless you made a trip to Angel’s Landing. It is one of the most exciting hiking trails in the world, mainly because of its height and narrow path. But getting to the top will reward you with a panoramic view of the park in its full glory.

Park City Mountain Resort

Another major feature of Utah is the fact that it has some really good ski resorts. However, the best of the bunch is the Park City Mountain Resort. The location of the 2002 Summer Olympics, the resort deserves being an Olympic destination. The resort is easily accessible and provides a great experience for any skill level.

Besides that, Park City is a stone’s throw away so you can easily relax in a more urban environment after a ski ride. The location is open all year, with summer activities ranging from hikes to alpine slides.


Take a Trip to the Hot Springs

Utah also has many natural hot springs in the region. Have a soak in the warm waters so that you can relax. The great thing about these hot springs is that each of them has something unique to offer. Homestead Crater has a natural dome enclosing its spring while Mystic Hot Springs has beautiful rock formations surrounding it. Anyone looking for a place to relax can find it in one of these many springs.

Lake Powell

Created back in the 1960s when the Glen Canyon was dammed, Lake Powell is an impressive spot in southern Utah. Shared between Utah and Arizona, this large reservoir filled up various canyons and crannies. This means that you can sail around and do some exploring. You could probably spend your entire vacation in and around it.

Salt Lake City

The capital of the state has everything that an urban location can offer. There are museums and exhibits to visit, along with various sights to see. It also boasts of Temple Square, the primary tourist destination in the state. Since you’ll be in Utah anyway, complete it with a visit to the capital.

If you’re planning a vacation, Utah should be one of your top choices right now. With all that it has to offer, no matter what type of vacation you want, the state will have something for you.

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