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Design Ideas for L-Shaped Sofas

Indoor spaces are not only getting smaller thanks to people’s increased focus on outdoor living. At the same time, most interior designs now also limit furniture as much as possible. You cannot fit several couches and seating solutions into your living room anymore if you want a lot of accents. Thankfully, this does not mean that you will have insufficient seating space. An L-shaped sofa is your best choice for seating space in a small living room.

The ones you get when you opt to buy a sofa online from a Singapore-based store are also trendy, inexpensive and will match most modern décor. The L-shaped couch has evolved since its origins as a simple couch with a chaise attached to one end. You can now get your couch in several design options. Here are some of them.

The Classic Couch

This L-shaped sofa features back support running along the L’s longer side and a chaise at its end. It is a perfect choice for lounging. Today, you can avail the classic L-shaped design in sectional pieces that you can pull apart to change your room’s seating arrangements. This classic style comes in several looks. The most popular is the formal one with legs and a wooden frame and a modern-looking one with padded modular blocks.

Cushion-Backed Sofa

This couch features back supports along either side of the L. It is thus ideal for small rooms that will host many people. The cushion-backed sofa, when compared to a standard three and two-seater sofa set, will easily and comfortably accommodate 6-7 people without occupying as much floor space as the latter.

Sectional Sofa

This is a flexible alternative to the traditional L-shaped couch. It has a flexible seating arrangement that you can move around to accommodate different visitor numbers. The flexibility also makes it easy to clean around the sofa. A few sectional L-shaped sofas have ottomans that you can pull to create a comfortable double bed.

Sleeper Sofa

A few designs of L-shaped sofas have pull-out beds. These are perfect for small homes where you need extra space for your guests. They also work for hostel rooms and negate the need for a separate bed and chair that will prove expensive aside from cramping your space. L-shaped sleeper sofas are heavier compared to your conventional sofa but they are worth it if you are intent on a space-saving solution.

Recliner Sofa

L-shaped sofas with recliners are an ideal choice for those who love lazy-boy style recliners. These come with recliner seats at both ends of their ’Ls.’ They are the perfect choices for those who want to recreate the ambience of a home theatre in their room.

Choosing one of the above L-shaped sofas might prove harder than you think since they all have amazing designs. To make your choice easy, base your sofa selection on the size of your room. Take the measurements of the room where you will place the couch. Other than the space that the sofa will occupy, take into account the area around the sofa for movement.

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