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Give Your Home A Fresh Look: Painting Techniques You Can Do

Are you thinking of upgrading your Park City home for the New Year? One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to upgrade your home is to coat the walls with new paint. But if you want to upgrade your wall paint, here are six ideas you may want to explore.


If you like your wall’s current paint, adding stenciled design is a great way to add some visual interest. Your stencil can be whatever you like. It can be sophisticated and ornate. Or it can be simple and whimsical.

You can download stencil designs from the Internet. Or buy them from a local shop. Or, you can even create your design.

Geometric shapes

You have a lot of choices for geometric shapes, from harlequins to stripes to polka dots to checkerboard patterns.

harlequin pattern adds life and movement to any space. It can be perfect for the kitchen where a lot of action happens. For a more contemporary and vibrant pattern, use bold, contrasting colors for each diamond.

Tilt the harlequin pattern and you’ll have a checkerboard pattern. Adding a geometric shape adds drama in a room without the need for additional furniture.

Painting stripes of color is a timeless staple in interior decoration. It never goes out of style. Plus, you have a lot of ways to use the pattern anywhere in the house. For example, thin stripes add subtle texture. Meanwhile, big stripes using contrasting colors can make a bold statement.

Polka dots are quirky additions to any space. But these can be effective decor in unexpected areas. For example, they add a whimsical vibe in a nursery and pizazz in an entryway.

Color Wash

This is a painting technique that you use if you want to add depth and texture to an area. The process involves coating the wall with a satin-base paint and using a large brush to paint a glaze over the first coat. The result looks like an abstract painting.


Strié is the French word for streaking. It can be done by running a dry brush horizontally or vertically along with the wet paint. Your wall will have a linen-like texture when it dries.

The important part of this technique is speed. The streaking has to be done before the paint dries up. You also need to make the streaks fairly even. You might want to consult painting contractors if you want this technique done properly.

Rag Rolling

new paint technique

This technique is just like what its name implies. Similar to strié, a glaze is rolled on top of the paint and a tool (in this case, a rag) is used to showcase the underlying coat. Some people also use the rag to apply the glaze. The result is similar to a marbling effect.


This technique can be labor-intensive because you use a sponge or a sponge paint roller to slowly add texture, contrast, and layers to the base paint.

One cool idea is to use metallic paint and sponge it over a dark color. The speckled finish gives both shine and drama to a wall.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to keep your home’s interior decoration. Of course, if you need to consult professionals, look for painting contractors who will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on what paint color or style looks good for your home.

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