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Guidelines to Retaining Your Best Employees

Recent statistics reveal that the majority of employees are not satisfied with their current positions. According to a survey, 40% of employees plan to look for a new opportunity in the next six months, while 69% are already passively shopping for jobs in the digital platform. For employers, these numbers are disturbing. Here are some tips to enhance your relationship with your employees and win their lengthy commitment.

1. Consider their physical work environment.

The office environment impacts the health and well-being of your employees. A quality workspace design makes the atmosphere less stressful and triggers your workers to become motivated and more productive. According to a workplace wellness trend report, 87% of employees want their employers to provide them with healthier workspace benefits. These include recreation areas, wellness rooms, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, and fitness facilities. So if you want to keep your talents, you might need to demolish your cubicle farms to make them feel better. Consider hiring office fit-out companies in Melbourne to craft an inspirational corporate environment for your employees. They will make significant changes to the office interior to meet their needs and provide convenience. Updating your workspace to the next level will boost their morale and encourage them to stay with your company longer.

2. Offer a flexible schedule.

Do you have to tie your employees to their office desks five days a week? By allowing your employees to work at home on specific days, you might discover that they are happier and more productive. This is because they gain control over their work lives and experience lesser conflicts with their obligations. Occasional telecommuting can limit absences and improve retention rates. A survey shows that flex employees are more satisfied and are less likely to leave their companies. Remember to spell out the terms and expected milestones before allowing remote work to ensure a seamless outcome.


3. Show appreciation.

When you frequently go out of your way to recognize your employees’ hard work, you are fostering loyalty and boosting their motivation. It leaves them feeling good, inspired to work harder, and encouraged to stay with your company longer. Showing appreciation requires minimal time, effort, and cost. Your many thank you’s, positive words, thumbs up, and a simple pat on their backs for a job well done can go a long way. To make these gestures more significant, you can give monetary rewards, gifts, bonuses, or throw an appreciation event where your employees get recognition in public.

4. Perform “stay” interviews.

Aside from having exit interviews to learn why workers leave, consider asking your tenured staff about their reasons for staying. Inquire about non-negotiable issues and the things that would make them look for a new employer. Solicit their feedback about the management, workplace environment, policies, and current benefits. The information that you gathered during the interview can be used to strengthen your employee-retention strategies.
Keeping the best employees is equivalent to customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and savings on recruitment and training costs. As an employer, you need to work hard and give every member of your team enough reasons to stay longer, if not for life.

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