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How Digital Technology Has Helped Us Live a Safe Lifestyle During this Pandemic

The pandemic has been around with us for almost two years. Inoculations are going well underway here in the US, and life is getting back to normal. Travel restrictions are being lifted, some people can now visit malls and other social centers, and people can enjoy lifelike what it used to be. It’s hard to remember that the U.S. used to be one of the prime spots of the COVID-19 pandemic, with infection rates going up the roof and overloading hospitals to the brink. The pandemic also damaged the economy alongside people’s lifestyles.

However, experts believe that this would have been worse if digital technology wasn’t around to help us out. Here are some ways digital tech has been integral in keeping us safe during the pandemic:

Keeping us at Home With No Setbacks Whatsoever

The first thing we should look into is how we could preserve our lifestyle even if we’re stuck at home most of the time. Various digital tools have helped us do this. One of the most important digital tools that we used during the pandemic is delivery apps so that we can have food and different goods delivered right in front of our doorsteps.

Delivery Apps

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It’s an understatement to say that delivery apps have helped reduce the transmission of the virus in the US. Being able to order food online had made our lives so much easier and convenient when it was impossible to go out and buy the necessary ingredients for the dishes we want to eat. Ready-to-cook meals were available online, and meal kit companies such as Blue Apron have made a resurgence among the younger generation. This particular digital tool has singlehandedly made it possible for us to sustain ourselves despite the pandemic. Another digital tech that has helped us maintain our social life is communication software like Skype and Zoom.

Teleconferencing and Video Calls

Depression and loneliness were some of the things many people were worried about when quarantine procedures were being implemented in many states. If you were one of the millions of Americans alone in their dorm room, you know how hard it was to survive mentally. It was hard to say how long the pandemic would last, and how long you’re going to be isolated from society. This is why online communication tools became the staple for many Americans. It has helped preserve our social life and give us the support group to keep ourselves healthy mentally. It has also saved the economy because, with teleconferencing tools, we could implement work at home policies. Today, we have found a profound love for online calls. More and more people are calling parents and friends every day, making us even closer to one another.

Sending Out Notices in Public

The public requires notices regarding new policies because of the pandemic, and the communication between the US government and its people wouldn’t have been as efficient without social media.

We spend hundreds of hours on social media every week, but usually, this is meant to entertain ourselves and maybe find some great products to buy. However, during the pandemic, social media became the number one news source for many Americans. This is where they get the notices they need about curfews and travel restrictions. This has also helped expedite the inoculation process, giving people schedules and locations of vaccination programs.

Tracking the Virus

Digital tools were also used to track the virus and its growth. Reports from social media sites helped warn people who have been infected with the virus, a powerful tool as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Another type of digital tool used for tracking was GPS. Some people worldwide were given watches to wear whenever they go out of their homes. These watches keep track of the locations they visit to help know where they could have gotten infected and who have infected them. This makes first responders assess the infection and stop it from the moment they find the infected individual.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, digital technology has helped us somehow preserve the way we live during the pandemic. It might have been different from what was normal before, but we are living some advantages to this digital lifestyle. For instance, we are much closer to one another through video calls. Another advantage is that we can live more comfortably now that online delivery services are so prevalent. This lifestyle change has just shown how convenient and safe our life has been because of the advancements in digital technology.

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