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Online Workouts: Taking Fitness to the Digital Realm

COVID-19 has forced millions of people to work out and exercise in the constraints of their own homes. Some have used this as an excuse to give up on their usual workout routines because of gym equipment and establishments’ unavailability. Going out and wearing masks while working out is not helping either since more individuals would rather not deal with the difficulty of breathing with a face mask. Fortunately, home workout alternatives have now been made possible to adapt to the new circumstances.

About 83% of households have access to devices that can enable them to engage in virtual exercise and fitness workouts. That is why there is absolutely no excuse for you to abandon your hopes and dreams of achieving your ideal body this 2021. It’s time for you to switch things up and try out a new workout routine that you can conveniently and comfortably perform at home. Here are some different types of online workouts that can help you achieve a healthier and more productive lifestyle in the middle of the pandemic.

Live-streamed workout classes

This alternative is an upgrade from pre-taped workout videos you can find on the internet. Streaming a live workout class in your own home is one of the few ways you can effectively exercise at home. This gives you the feel of interacting and experiencing workout classes in real-time with other people from all kinds of places. Trainers and instructors can directly give you the motivation and support that you need in the comfort of your own living room.

There are lots of different options available on the internet. With just a minimal subscription fee that is way cheaper than what you’ve paid for gym subscriptions, you can enjoy interactive and fun live workout classes at home in no time. You can easily choose from a range of workout classes on the internet, from yoga to Zumba classes. With the help of merchants’ services, these workout classes can charge fees conveniently through electronic payments online.

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Online personal trainers

Workout demo apps and other fitness apps are also an excellent alternative for in-person trainers that can help you lose weight or improve your body. These apps serve as a guide and motivator that is just as effective as your personal trainer. With the current isolation and social distancing requirements, having a fitness app guides you to follow the best workouts and meal plans while keeping track of your current stats is ultimately a safer option than hiring and interacting with a personal trainer in the gym.

Some applications allow you to experience an audio-only option where a virtual personal trainer can whip you up into shape. All these, along with advantageous features like an in-app playlist, timer for rest intervals, and provision of helpful tips, these apps have it all. For only an affordable subscription fee, you’ll also be getting the benefits and more of a real-life human being guiding you through your fitness journey.

Smart workout equipment

You won’t have to worry anymore about the lack of heavy gym equipment in your home. Through at-home workout innovations, companies like Flywheel and Peloton are now offering a convenient indoor cycling machine that can bring you the intense workout session you would usually experience outdoors. The bikes are built to bring convenience and comfort as you burn off the calories you’ve gained over the weekend. It even has options where you can easily connect to your TVs and mobile devices.

Other equipment such as the JAXJOX Interactive Studio can offer you complete and functional apparatus such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and vibrating foam rollers. Not only that, but it also has a built-in touchscreen where you can easily navigate through and play workout routines, whether it be weight training or cardio routines. This also helps you monitor your overall progress as you complete the workouts.

Innovations such as The Mirror also offers a high-tech workout boutique in the form of a 40-inch HD mirror screen. You can also benefit from the abundance of different workout streams and videos that can help you exercise. It includes certified and experienced trainers that can monitor your workout on-demand or live. Additionally, it allows you to customize and modify workouts best to fit your desired workout routine and body goals.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances today, technology and the internet have worked hand-in-hand to provide individuals with convenient and comfortable alternatives that can help them adapt to the new normal. Even though working out at home is not a new concept, new technology and innovations have upgraded online workouts and fitness quality at home. As the market’s growth increases, more online fitness services are still being developed, which will ultimately be more beneficial for individuals wanting to improve their fitness at home.

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