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Is Your Home Conducive to an Active Lifestyle?

Recent events have changed the way we see home. It’s not only a crash pad or a weekend getaway. It can also be a place to accomplish things. At home, you can work, study, learn new skills, and exercise. The night is young, and there’s a lot more you can do.

But you didn’t need the travel restrictions to realize the importance of an active lifestyle indoors. The sedentary lifestyle accounts for emerging health problems among Americans since the start of the technological age. According to the World Health Organization, physical activity causes at least two million deaths every year.

The Sitting Sickness

Sitting all day increases mortality risks, with cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and osteoporosis as the most common. The human body works properly on good circulation, so it is meant to stay active.

Recent studies only confirm WHO’s warnings. The US Department of Health and Human Services found that only 5% of adults participate in daily physical activities for at least 30 minutes, and children spend more than seven hours a day in front of a screen.

It was found that obesity has become a threat to national security, for 27% of Americans are already too overweight to serve in the military.

With the numbers only increasing, it’s time to do your part and get moving. By transforming your home to become conducive for an active lifestyle, the motivation will shortly follow.

Create a Breathable Space

In exercise, proper breathing is essential, no matter which fitness regimen you prefer. Breathing comes naturally, but there’s a way to improve it so you can reap the best results.

Starting from the nose, air should move to the diaphragm as it contracts, to the belly as it expands, then to the lungs, filling the cells with oxygen. Respiratory therapist Mark Courtney of the American Lung Association recommends the “pursed-lip breathing” to practice a proper technique. To do this, simply press your lips, keep your mouth closed, inhale only from the nose, then slowly exhale from the mouth like you’re whistling.

To promote proper breathing, it is important to keep your exercise space clean. Otherwise, allergens and other contaminants at home could worsen your respiratory organ rather than strengthen it.

Stick to a weekly cleaning routine of vacuuming and dusting. For a faster way to contain dust, you can avail of professional duct cleaning services that you can trust for a thorough job.

Leave No Litter

An unassuming Lego piece hiding behind the sofa, a low bookshelf, or a side table waiting for you to stab your toe—there’s a lot of ways a home workout could go painfully wrong. Prevent injuries by making sure you have more than enough space to do large movements.

If you have pets, check for tiny toys lying on the floor. Exercising with your pets around may be cute, but if you’re a novice in barbells and heavy equipment, it’s best to keep your furry buddies in a separate room to avoid casualties.

If you work with weights, always put them somewhere visible so that you don’t accidentally trip while you exercise.

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Make It Vibrant

You don’t need a complete gym set. There are tons of portable options to choose from, in different shapes and colors. Start small by decorating your at-home-gym with vibrant resistance bands and yoga mats so you can be motivated to pick them up, and use the space more frequently.

Make It Fun

If you don’t want to exercise alone, you can try games to play with the whole family. Leave a Twister mat for a quick game night. You can also decorate the backyard with an obstacle course to play with on a Sunday morning.

Set Positive Reinforcements Around the House

The easiest way to remind yourself is to use a large calendar with suggested daily workouts. Challenge yourself to finish a whole month, with all the days marked off.

Some people get motivated by quotes and visual reinforcements. If you do, you can frame simple fitness quotes and incorporate them into a minimalist exercise area.

Fill Your House with Music

After the visuals, it’s time to stimulate the auditory. Add speakers to your home gym and regularly shuffle high-energy music to get you pumped up. For instance, on a day when you’re feeling mostly unmotivated, just let music videos or dance videos playing on the screen. Chances are they could get you moving, or at least in a positive mood.

After all, fitness should make you feel good. To stay active, you don’t have to break your back with challenging workouts. It is more than enough that it keeps you moving, away from the chair for a few hours.

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