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Does Your Well Need to Inspection? Look for These Signs

Are you a homeowner who prides in having a well in your property? There are many benefits of sourcing water from your well, the greatest being access to clean and healthy water. One thing that residential homeowners with wells ignore is the condition of their wells. As long as they are accessing water in their home, some homeowners believe that everything is well. Not so. Wells are bound to experience issues after some time of use. The problems could range from well issues, issues with water well pumps in Utah, or the environment. These problems not only affect the well but also impact the quality of water getting to your home. But what are the indicators that your well requires attention?

Humming Pump Sounds

The regular operation of a pump produces sound, and that is no reason for alarm. However, some noises coming from the pump could be an indication of a pump problem.  Therefore, a well owner should be in a position to distinguish normal sounds and abnormal sounds. Serious humming and clanking sounds are a sign of a bigger problem. Pump inspection helps discover the pump problem and correct the problem before it becomes too big.

Recent Flooding

Certain areas are prone to flooding during the seasons of heavy rains. If your home is in such a domain, you should get water testing services every time you experience seasonal flooding. The floods cause substances such as oil, harmful chemicals, and oil to seep into the well. That is why water testing is essential. Water tests seek to check for the level of purity in your well water. Once there is proof of water contamination, it is necessary to get water sanitization services.

Frequent Sicknesses

When any of your home residents experience constant sickness, there could be a problem with the water you are consuming. The most common cause of a water-related illness is E.coli. Bacterial contamination occurs when there are strange water contaminants. For instance, agricultural chemicals, animal waste, and pesticides could introduce the bacteria into your well. Water test results seek to show the presence of any bacteria in the water. Hospital visit results will also reveal that sicknesses in your home are a result of the consumption of contaminated water.

Discolored Water

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Does the water in your home have a different color? If yes, there is a problem with your well. Furthermore, any strange odor from the water is an indication of a bigger problem. The three colors that should raise concern include:


A blue discoloration in water is a sign that your water has high levels of copper. Such water will cause diarrhea and vomiting upon consumption.

Red/ Brown

When your water has a red/ brown discoloration, it is an indication that there are high levels of iron in the water. The color comes as a result of the rust deposits in the water. High iron levels in water are bound to make you sick.


When your water is cloudy, it means that your well has fine particles. Besides causing health problems, his water is likely to affect your plumbing system.

When it comes to the issue of water getting to your home, quality is not a thing to compromise. If you have seen one or more than one of the above issues, it is important to consider getting well inspection. The inspection process will include the testing of your water well.  Also, the process will consist of the maintenance of your water well pump in Utah.

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