A New Secret Garden: Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Landscape

Whether you have a green thumb or not, renovating your landscape can be an easy project for you! If it is your first time to start with a garden design, you might think that the task can be too overwhelming and expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, however, remodeling your yard doesn’t have to be too heavy and extremely expensive. When redesigning your garden, the same principle should be applied when renovating a room. It should be simple and must complement different parts of your home.

If it’s already that time of the year where you are planning to renovate and redecorate your landscape garden, have you already decided on landscape ideas to do? If not yet, here are five landscaping ideas for beautifying your garden.

Repair the Non-Working Key Garden Elements

The first thing that you need to do is list down all the key elements that are no longer working. If the foundation is already not working and is damaged, it’s time to have Denver experts repair your foundation. To lessen the expenses, make sure that you know which parts of the landscape garden you can still work on and have these repaired. You don’t need to change everything and there are also different materials that you can still reuse and recycle.

Find a Focal Point and Your Centerpiece


One of the key things that make landscape gardens beautiful and unique is the focal point. Choose your focal point and put in the middle of your landscape design. It can be a statue, fountain or tree. It can also be a series of focal points that lead to your main centerpiece. You can achieve this by creating a pathway lined by a series of shrubs and flowers that lead to a trellis. A focal point should be easy on the eyes and should always catch your visitor’s attention.

Start Small

When working on renovating your garden, you can take one step at a time. You don’t need to do it all at once. Unlike those makeover TV shows that have more than 60 crews to finish the project in three days, you would most probably do it all on your own. So, don’t rush. Chances are, your work will get sloppy if you rush to finish it. It would be wiser to start small and work on one part of your yard for an hour or two.

Mix and Match Everything Nice

Another rule of thumb in working on landscape design is to always mix and match. Although it may look nice if you use the same flowers and shrubs all over your garden, it can become monotonous. It would be better if you mix and match it in terms of size, color, and kind. This can also make your garden look lush, plus different splashes of color can also make it look fresh and put-together.

The main idea of renovating a landscape garden is knowing which ones you still need, and which ones have to go. It is also important to plan it carefully because you don’t want your efforts going to waste when you change your mind and start working on it all over again. Lastly, let your creativity reign in. Make your garden a sanctuary for you and your family!

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