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Great Strides Made in Car Entertainment Systems

When you enjoy watching TV or listening to music at home, sometimes, it can be hard to part from it. So when you are out on the road, you turn on your car stereo and enjoy music on the go, eliminating the boredom amidst traffic jams.

These days, you can do more than just playing tunes in your car while you’re on your way to a holiday in Utah or Miami. Car stereos and entertainment systems have seen various improvements over the past decades, including the following:

Satellite Radio

FM radio is still thriving to this day, with some smartphones having it as a feature. This lets you listen to morning talk shows on your drive to work, which could be useful if you are often alone when traveling. It is like having a group of friends with you as passengers, keeping you occupied by talking about anything under the sun.

Then came satellite radio. It is available through subscription. Once subscribed, you can get clear and high-quality audio transmitted to your car digitally. You won’t experience any issues when it comes to signal reception. You will get consistent feed without losing quality. While it did not dethrone FM, it has already carved its niche as a viable alternative in the broadcast space.

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Digital Media

People used to be in awe when they see a multi-disc player installed in a car. You cannot deny the thrill of having the ability to cycle through dozens of songs. Fast forward to today, where storage devices like SD cards or USB drives are prevalent. A lot of modern sound systems allow you to plug these in, so you can play your music off of them.

You can also sync your smartphone up using Bluetooth, and play your songs wirelessly. You no longer need to get to the trunk of your car if you want to change discs because digital storage allows you to store thousands of songs. And if that is not enough, you also have the option to play your tunes by streaming it off the internet.

Digital TV Tuner

LCD technology has come a long way. At its current state, it is affordable and offers a wide range of sizes. Do not be surprised when you see HDTVs on buses or taxis, all for the sake of the passengers’ enjoyment.

Watching terrestrial TV on the road, though, is a rough experience. The analog signal feed is often fuzzy when your vehicle is moving, making watching almost impossible. But the good news is that you can have a digital tuner installed in your car. This eliminates the signal woes and lets you watch clear video images while you are cruising on the road. Now you do not have an excuse to miss an episode of your favorite show.

Just like your car, technology moves at a rapid pace. No one knows what you will see come up in the next decade. But rest assured, it will be something you can say would be a marked improvement on what exists right now.

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