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Office Equipment That Should Be User-friendly

The office space is a place where different types of people converge and work together. Daily activities may involve using a lot of electrical equipment. With the number of people using it, it is bound to experience some downtime. If you need the help of professional electricians, you can look for companies that offer commercial electrical services in Salt Lake City. Working in this space is different from the residential type, and you are assured that they have familiarity with how to navigate around it.

If you have worked in an office, you might remember accessing different kinds of equipment. These could be ones that help you with your job or something that you see in the break room. You may have encountered them being broken, which probably could stem from the misuse of another employee. Here are essential items that need to be as user-friendly as possible:


You may be wishing to have a microwave that has fancy settings at home, but that may not sit well at the office. You need to have something with the fewest buttons possible. These tend to be the basic and inexpensive ones, which can be a good thing; it will not hurt your company’s pocket in case it needs to get replaced in the future. You all need to eat, and you always see this machine in every break room. Simplicity is required to avoid misuse and save time so that everyone can get their turn in using it.


printing report

There are many all-in-one printing pieces of equipment out there. It is understandable why companies would spend on these because more features mean that you can make the most of them. But along with that feature set comes a learning curve. There can be more than one paper feed and button count that can rival a scientific calculator.

Choosing the right printer or copier boils down to its control interface. For something that is friendly for the office, look for one that has an emphasis on the copier part of it, as most employees use this function. This can come in the form of a large button, which should attract the eyes of every user. This will take the attention away from the other complex controls around it, and you can just instinctively push it if you need a document copied.

IP Phone

You will recognize an IP phone as something that looks exactly like your home phone, except that it has a large screen on top of the keypad. The ease of use relies on this display. The best ones have contextual buttons clearly labeled and aligned with what is shown on the screen. It does have a learning curve, but anyone who can read should be able to figure out how to use it.

IP phones can also be used as your regular phones; you can just lift the handset and start making calls. You just have additional controls when you need them, so you can maximize their features such as call transferring and conferencing.

Employees are expected to be quick learners, and a test of that could be how they handle any equipment. But the companies should also consider getting some that are easy to use because each individual has their own way to adapt to things.

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